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Dimitrina Kostadinova
Review from Dimitrina Kostadinova
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Different, super fun and kids enjoyed being on stage.

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Review from NC
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Entertaining show. My 15 year old daughter thought it was great. Audience gets to participate.

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Joyce Spitzbart
Review from Joyce Spitzbart
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Even though it's a "G-rated" kids show, it's still hysterically funny -- especially since kids are the ones giving the input. The Improv Actors were wonderful and very talented. I had a GREAT TIME!!

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Karen Russell
Review from Karen Russell
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Event started late and I would rather buy a ticket than purchase a $5 soda per person but having said that the performers were great. We all loved it, adults and kids alike.

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Feona Tagayev-Distler
Review from Feona Tagayev-Distler
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Everyone laughed their head off and had a good time. Good for ages 3.5 to 99.

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John Chamulak
Review from John Chamulak
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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Excellent! My kids, ranging in age from 11-15, all boys, really loved it! It was appropriate for all ages and appealing to all ages. We would definitely go again!

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Becky Rubenstein
Review from Becky Rubenstein
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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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EXPECTED talented KIDS --- instead, the grownups on stage were clearly repeating things they had done before, repeatedly. The 9 yr old I brought laughed at some of their humor but not all was understandable. They also "used" one single member...continued

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Stephanie Slesinger
Review from Stephanie Slesinger
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fabulous show!

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Review from Fran
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Fantastic experience and we will definitely do it again!! Our shy 11 year old even participated and got up on the stage!! Not just for children, this was entertaining for all ages!! They even had a 4 year old up on stage!! Best ever!!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Fun afternoon with the kids. Lots of audience participation.

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Review from Liz
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Fun for us adults and the children. Perfect for the 9 and 10 year old, 6 and 8 year old still enjoyed it. Highly recommend.

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Judy Gasper McCoy
Review from Judy Gasper McCoy
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Fun show lots of laughs!

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Stephanie Gordon Epstein
Review from Stephanie Gordon Epstein
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Fun show. Small audience let all the kids who wanted to participate get into the action. Adults thought it was fun too!

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Jon Helfman
Review from Jon Helfman
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Funny and very enjoyable. Great for the kids

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Review from Sandyabd
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Funny, funny show. Great entertainment.

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Review from JLewis
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Great event for the kids and parents to enjoy together. The actors/comedians are so talented! My daughter already asked to go back :)

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Review from Eileen
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Great experience for kids and adults. We had kids ages 12 and 10 and they were laughing throughout as were the adults. Cast was clever, witty and fun! i was initially worried as other participant kids looked younger, but show worked for all. ...continued

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Kathleen Fintak
Review from Kathleen Fintak
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Great experience for kids. Most of the kids at our show made it on stage. Great confidence builder.

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