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Review from meginyc
9 events 8 reviews

Kids had fun and that all it matters

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Review from TaiChiChihMan
17 events 8 reviews

Very good improv, scaled down, but not dumbed down for kids (and adults) Good for ages 4 to 14 and then skip to adults. Tip: Have the kids think about some ideas in advance to shout out as suggested themes for the performers, i.e., movies, books,...continued

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Review from BGBB
11 events 7 reviews

Awesome time for the kids. My 5 year old as well as my 12 year old enjoyed the show equally.
There was one drawback. There is a one drink minimum, and the drinks are extremely overpriced. The drink policy should be exempt from a kids show or at...continued

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Review from Armine
11 events 7 reviews

It was fun for my 9 years old. Interactive

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Review from bourgeoiskitty
14 events 7 reviews

My daughter is 6 and loved every minute of it. The comedians are so talented and entertaining. They create stories, sing songs and interact with the children. It is also fun for adults!

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Review from jileneg
13 events 7 reviews

My daughter and I went to the show, she is 14 and is still talking about it 3 days later. I was unsure if she was going to like it but we had a blast. Nice G rated comedy but fun for the whole family.

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Review from fafanyc
21 events 7 reviews

The kids had a great time! They participated and had such a great time doing it. It was kind of empty. It was us and another family so I would recommend to go with a group of people if possible. The more the merrier

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Review from yao
17 events 7 reviews

The show on 4/16 was so boring that my kids and my husband wanted to leave any minute. The 5 drinks cost us $47, in addition the $22 parking fee. We should have just watched a movie instead, will never try kids comedy show again!

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Sue Reiner Menoscal
Review from Sue Reiner Menoscal
21 events 7 reviews

very creative and quick!!

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Review from Lana
34 events 7 reviews

Was barely funny, although the artists were trying their best. The place was without heat!

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Virginia Cox
Review from Virginia Cox
13 events 6 reviews

Extremely disappointing.... expected to see kids performing....most inappropriate for a 6 year, she was bored and so were here parents. Couldn't wait to leave.
The $15.00 minimum per soda per person was outrageous and the cranberry juice was...continued

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Nia Casilla
Review from Nia Casilla
21 events 6 reviews

Great experience for the whole family! My boys 6 & 8 loved it and so did the adults.

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Review from alesdale13
12 events 6 reviews

Great time - troupe was fun and very high energy. Grown-ups were laughing as much as kids. Would go again for sure

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Nia Casilla
Review from Nia Casilla
21 events 6 reviews

It was fun and different. Eat before or after the show as food is microwaved and gross.

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Nia Casilla
Review from Nia Casilla
21 events 6 reviews

It was fun and different. Eat before or after the show as food is microwaved and gross.

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Review from sassy
13 events 6 reviews

we had a lot of fun.. the staff was amazing.. we will be going back..
my daughter was involved up on stage and had the best time she talked about it all week
i sent the flyer to school to pass on or see if the book it at the school..it was fun,...continued

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Review from illysez
6 events 5 reviews

Great for kids approximately 6-12, but some humor (appropriate) is geared to the grownups as well. Great introduction to improv for kids who have never been. Serve both soft drinks and alcoholic drinks for the grownups. No "push" to order...continued

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Darlene Finkel
Review from Darlene Finkel
20 events 5 reviews

Great for the kids and adults! We had a blast.

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Capucine Hamilton
Review from Capucine Hamilton
14 events 5 reviews

It was a play date with 2 of My 8 year old daughter friends and they had a ball. They loved how interactive the show was. My daughter who is very shy raised her hand everytime to be called upon. She actually got on the stage.

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Review from Eve
13 events 5 reviews

Kids loved it!

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