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Capucine Hamilton
Review from Capucine Hamilton
14 events 5 reviews

It was a play date with 2 of My 8 year old daughter friends and they had a ball. They loved how interactive the show was. My daughter who is very shy raised her hand everytime to be called upon. She actually got on the stage.

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Review from Eve
13 events 5 reviews

Kids loved it!

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Tara Walls-Kelly
Review from Tara Walls-Kelly
8 events 5 reviews

My nine year old and his friend LOVED it. We adults thought the troupe lost their way a little in the middle. It's an hour and a half which felt a little long to me, but again, not to the kids and that's what counts. There's a one drink minimum...continued

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Review from Val
11 events 5 reviews

Really fun for kids who get into the show and the nonsensical humor!

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Review from BronxMama
7 events 5 reviews

so funny. the youngsters loved to be involved. the actors make it so easy for the children to execute the acts while keeping the energy and flow of the show going. Highly recommend !

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Cyra A
Review from Cyra A
8 events 5 reviews

The kids really got into it even though they missed some of the jokes. They even volunteered to be part of the show! It certainly wasn't what they expected.

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Lori B.
Review from Lori B.
10 events 5 reviews

There is a one drink min & it was really expensive $20plus for two bolttles of water & one virgin Pina Colada that tasted AWFUL. The kitchen was closed so there was no food & the service stunk. The show however was fun & my boys had a good time

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Review from BronxMama
7 events 5 reviews

Too funny. A great ice breaker for kids who would like to try their hand at being on stage. Decent snacks to munch on. The cast is young and full of energy, they know how to work with kids!

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James Summerville
Review from James Summerville
6 events 5 reviews

We enjoyed it very much. Funny for kids and adults and they involved the kids a lot.

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Review from Ronni
22 events 5 reviews

We had a great time looking forward to going again.

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Crystal Mandall
Review from Crystal Mandall
5 events 4 reviews

FANTASTIC!!!! I took my nephew, who wants to be an actor, for his birthday and he had the best time! They called him up on stage and used many of his ideas for the show. We were laughing so hard tears were coming down. I would most definitely...continued

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debby mcbride
Review from debby mcbride
24 events 4 reviews

Fun event for kids. They loved it and would go again

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Review from dj
15 events 4 reviews

Glad we made it to the show. Cast were enthusiastic and energetic. They were also very good at involving the children at the show. Our kids enjoyed it a lot.

They do have a "one drink minimum per person" that should be kept in mind when...continued

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Melanie E L Bush
Review from Melanie E L Bush
13 events 4 reviews

Good concept and funny actors but was obligated to spend $26 on drinks.
Also, actors tended to focus on the most vocal children in the front.

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Review from Mary
16 events 4 reviews

Guaranteed family fun, this is my niece's favorite show. Very interactive and the food and drinks are great for kids!!! I will go again!

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Debra Kaplan
Review from Debra Kaplan
16 events 4 reviews

I enjoyed the show, my 8 year old LOVED it. It was a smaller theater than I expected, very, um, cozy.
The comedians were quick-witted, and kept it clean. I would go again. In fact, we probably will, because the 8 year old is already begging to go...continued

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Review from Alexandria411
6 events 4 reviews

I laughed just as hard as my 10 year old sister that went with me!

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Anita Burgos
Review from Anita Burgos
14 events 4 reviews

I liked how they encouraged all the children to really get involved.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 4 reviews

I liked the show an my son love the show I enjoyed the way they allowed to children to participate in the show. My little one just gravitated to the experience.

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Brunilda Astor
Review from Brunilda Astor
34 events 4 reviews

I really enjoyed the new members. They were really funny. My grandson loved it and participated. Will definitely take him again.

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