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Review from boomers
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Jason the magician was funny & my grand kids enjoyed him
he interacted with the audience & the participants (kids in audience)
had fun..

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Eileen Bogner
Review from Eileen Bogner
3 events 1 review

Jason The Magician put on a very entertaining show. We were three generations that attended and all enjoyed the show.

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Jofrid Bjelland
Review from Jofrid Bjelland
2 events 1 review

Jaysin the magician was skilled, fun, original, and made the appearing and dissappearing of cards seem so easy :-) Definitely a show we would recommend!

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mara gross
Review from mara gross
12 events 1 review

laughed a lot!! enjoyment for all ages.

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Elizabeth Flores
Review from Elizabeth Flores
10 events 1 review

The magician was very funny and interactive. In my opinion, the show would be most appreciated by younger kids (4- 10) but he made sure to include humor and to engage the whole audience. I enjoyed myself as well. Most all the kids, and many of...continued

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Rachel Nolan
Review from Rachel Nolan
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The performer was good, but unfortunately the venue didn't work well for kids. The usual layout of a comedy club is fine if you only need to see the comedian's face above the crowd, but this audience was mostly little kids, who had little hope of...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The show took place in a cozy venue. Started pretty much on time. Good view from any seat. Kids enjoyed the on stage interaction with magician. Show was only 45 minutes so I don't understand why I had to pay $10 (plus gratuity) for fountain...continued

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Kathy Schachtman
Review from Kathy Schachtman
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This show was very mediocre. The magician did half his act from tables in the audience, and was not visible from the entire room. He performed about 20 minutes of tricks from the stage, which wee good, but not the hour and a half promised. The...continued

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Review from Taras
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This was basically a magic show for 3 year olds. I was looking for something to do with our teenager. Tons of toddlers, inflated drink and food prices which were required to purchase 2 per person. I’ve been to some good magic shows but unless you...continued

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Review from kimchicks
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Two drink minimum and food order for a 45 minute kid show is a bit over the top. We were disappointed overall.

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