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Review from ArtF.
Red Velvet 129 events 92 reviews

Arno--Best chicken parm in America! Terrific service, too.
MBTM--Hardest working dinner-mystery troupe in America. Go!

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Review from Isa
Red Velvet 68 events 23 reviews

The show was amazing and hilarious!!! The characters were very good, Arno's restaurant was the perfect place for this show.The dinner was awesome!!!!!!I would good there for dinner again. THANK YOU GOLDSTAR AGAIN!!!!

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Review from PAUL
Red Velvet 29 events 14 reviews

i really don't understand some of the negative feedback on this performance. the food (penne vodka and chicken parm) was much better than we expected. we even had bruschetta and chopped chicken livers on crostini as appetizers. only cookies for...continued

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Review from mcf
121 events 74 reviews

Reasonably entertaining, something different if you want a break from Broadway shows. Had a 10-year old boy and three teenagers, and they were fine unless you're on the real conservative side on social matters (e.g., evangelical religious). Food...continued

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Thomasine Morales
Review from Thomasine Morales
51 events 37 reviews

I had a great time, it was so funny n the food was great and so were the actors...

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Thomasine Morales
Review from Thomasine Morales
51 events 37 reviews

I had a great time, I love it and the food was very good also

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Stella Ansalone
Review from Stella Ansalone
85 events 27 reviews

This was a fun event because the audience was part of the show. Very intertaining. There wasn't enough food though. I recommend eating a little something before the show because they serve dinner an hour and a half into the show.

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Harvey Messing
Review from Harvey Messing
31 events 18 reviews

The row number 12, which I was seated in, did not allow me to see, at all, some of the performers who were talking. Some, but not all of the performers, don't use microphones so it is hard at times to hear what they are saying. Conversational...continued

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Review from Ronybar
20 events 14 reviews

The show was Ok, but the food was average...nothing to rave about, but standard Italian fare (pasta). Actors were very good and gave it their all. The drinks were pricey, though, and the dessert was crappy (just a bunch of dry cookies). Our seats...continued

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Review from Roger
22 events 13 reviews

The show was good. A bit too long. 30 less minutes would have been great. Food was respectable and served in a timely manner. Content is definetly for adults. No one under 18 should be allowed.

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Review from Lilia
58 events 12 reviews

Our Goldstar seats were excellent- front row! The actors were very hard working as they were already in character 30 minutes before the performance began, and didn't stop the entire time. Note: it is important to show up before the scheduled...continued

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Review from ginab
20 events 11 reviews

It was funny but a little too long. The food was fine. We got there early and had very good seats. The actors did come around often to all the tables to talk to you.

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Jen Fox
Review from Jen Fox
13 events 10 reviews

Lots of Laughs - good for date night, birthdays, bachlorette parties. Drinks were Manhattan prices, so you can end up spending a lot on the evening.

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Christopher F.
Review from Christopher F.
35 events 10 reviews

The service was fine, the drinks were expensive and the food was mediocre, not even a plate for appetizers.
Not really worth the money..

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Edy DiGiacco Vicente
Review from Edy DiGiacco Vicente
14 events 8 reviews

My husband and I had an amazing time lots of badabing and fagataboit...LOL The cast was funny and friendly. I love that I was picked as one of the suspects...Be ready to be interrogated by one funny detective...I also won the best supporting...continued

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Ardella Eagle
Review from Ardella Eagle
25 events 8 reviews

Performance was wonderful! Very good ad lib actors and it doesn't hurt when they have a willing to participate audience. Food was also very good. Just remember any beverages (other than water and coffee/tea) are not included.

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Rohita Land
Review from Rohita Land
26 events 8 reviews

Show: The show is FUN and not to be taken seriously. It is full of stereotypes and some raunchiness. It is comedic and dramatic. It IS interactive, so if they have your name there is a chance that you will be called up for participation so have...continued

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Review from drmor80
15 events 8 reviews

The play,(if you want to call it that), was poorly written and not that entertaining. The food was served almost as an afterthought about an hour into the evening. It was a fairly mediocre chicken parmigiana with a side of pasta. No choices were...continued

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Lani Rountree
Review from Lani Rountree
22 events 6 reviews

My son turn 17 yrs old and went with a group of his friends. They enjoyed the show. He wanted to give a heads up that the drinks (soda) is not included with the meal.

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Laura Whittingham
Review from Laura Whittingham
10 events 6 reviews

This was my third time going, each time with different people and all loved it. I will return with more company soon. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I pray that it never ends. People you should go and support it, you will love it also.

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