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Diana Sito
Review from Diana Sito
9 events 5 reviews

FABULOUS ACTORS!!!! Having the audience interact with the actors and become play of the show is great fun! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who want a good night on the town with food that is good....not great....but good!! Actors were funny...continued

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Review from Madeleine
5 events 5 reviews

I had some doubts after reviewing some of the ratings....but we found the evening entirely entertaining and a lot of fun. If you go with a light hearted fun loving attitude you will have a great time. We had VIP seating and very nice people to...continued

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K. Voorhees
Review from K. Voorhees
38 events 5 reviews

I really enjoyed the evening. The cast was highly entertaining, the audience participating was extremely interesting and the food was plentiful and pretty good. The seats were prime..right up front and no obstruction...I give the experience 2...continued

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Review from Arrash
8 events 5 reviews

It was nice and entertaining. The seats where descent and the thing I didn't like was the fact the server told us the drinks where included and they are NOT! The desert was cookies, like the ones you buy from wal-mat. Also no one tells you that...continued

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Review from Michelle
12 events 5 reviews

Murdered by the Mob is unpredictable. It's a fun and entertaining event. Something to definately attend. You will be involved from the second you are walking in. The food was alright but the entertainment is worth it.

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Ohr Z
Review from Ohr Z
25 events 5 reviews

Not personal at all. Buy the boxed game online and invite a few friends over.It'll be cheaper and funner.

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Zoraida Krell
Review from Zoraida Krell
23 events 5 reviews

The actors were great and time flew by! The interactive nature of the event was very good. But, don't go for the food or service. Didn't get the apps we were promised and the entrees were lukewarm at best. Had to ask for coffee for our friends...continued

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K Shanks
Review from K Shanks
27 events 5 reviews

The event is fun but your view is completely obstructed, you don't get the full effect of the show people who pay full price get. All Goldstar members are seated together.

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Review from sblaise
9 events 5 reviews

The performance was good. The actors interacted with the audience throughout the whole show. Be prepared to participate. The food was ok. Drinks are not included. There is a parking garage directly across the street. Overall, nice event that...continued

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Review from kn516
10 events 5 reviews

The show was very entertaining! I would definetly go again, and recommend everyone going! A must see!!
Only problems were that the drinks were a bit excessively expensive (betwen $10-$15 each for alcoholic). I dont know if the tickets came...continued

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Ohr Z
Review from Ohr Z
25 events 5 reviews

This event was horrible. I'm used to a certain degree of show from New York City and this one was no where near the expectation. My advice to you is skip this show.

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Review from krazykim
6 events 5 reviews

What a blast! The actors were lively and entertaining, and the show was action-packed. I love that they pulled memebers of the audience up to participate, including me! I would definitely recommend it to others.
Dinner was included with the...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
27 events 4 reviews

Worst night ever! The show was awful, there was no plot whatsoever. It was like a night of bad, talentless amatuer stand-up comics. It wasn't theatre at all - there were tacky dance breaks throughout the evening and the...continued

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Kerri Slivka
Review from Kerri Slivka
5 events 4 reviews

Great show with a small crowd so you can really enjoy it. Only complaint is they put "Goldstar" members at a table where a big pillar blocks a lot of your view.

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Review from jenn72178
4 events 4 reviews

I took my fiance for his birthday and we had seats right near the show floor. You are assigned a table but you get to select your seats - so get there early and grab a drink at the bar! Even though we didnt have any 'characters' sitting at our...continued

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Review from Carolmic
6 events 4 reviews

It was an okay way to kill (pun intended)a couple of hours. The show was a little amateurish and not very well put together. If you are interested in interactive shows this one is probably as good as the others. I think the people you sit with...continued

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Vanessa Woods-Headley
Review from Vanessa Woods-Headley
16 events 4 reviews

It was great. I really enjoyed the comedy and the interaction with the audience. My family had a ball. I would recommend that everyone try to attend. Parking on the street and there is a parking lot across the street from the venue

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

Overall, pretty enjoyable. There is only one dinner option, chicken parmesan, which was very good, but could be a problem if people in your party are vegetarians.
The show was entertaining but went on a little too long. Began at 8 and wasn't...continued

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Review from Diana
13 events 4 reviews

The food at Arno was very good. We were given two appetizers to share and then dinner. The dinner wasn't served until halfway through the show, so definitely don't go hungry and expect to be fed right away. I was a little disappointed we did...continued

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Review from stacy10305
6 events 4 reviews

The show was great, the staff was attentive however the arrangement of food left much to be desired. Make sure you eat something before you attend because the dish you get, is simply a tease.

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