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Review from Payal
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I went to this dinner because i had heard mixed reviews.. but quite honestly it was too long, they did alot of "interviewing with witnesses" which took up alot of time, and the food was ok - nothing great.

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Review from sjane1327
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It was a fun time. The show was funny and really interactive. The actors sat at our table with us, and the other audience members were really into the performance. We had a fine view, even with the pillar (you can't see some of the other tables,...continued

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Review from lastachka88
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It was a great show that was both interesting and funny, and the food was good too.

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Review from jenalardo
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It was a very different experience, the humor was pretty interesting and they make sure the crowd is very involved. They are a bit cheap with the appetizers but the food is good despite to other reviews I've seen. It was a bit too long but I think...continued

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Mark De Rugeriis
Review from Mark De Rugeriis
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It was a very cheap version of a poorly produced dinner play. I felt like I was at a bad wedding reception. I am not surprised the place was empty and they are selling tickets on Groupon like sites. The best part of the experience was the...continued

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Thais Salvato
Review from Thais Salvato
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It was ok but a mess. Hard to follow.
The food was terrible and you must eat before you go. The servings are so small it is almost disrespectful.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Loved it!!!! The actors were friendly and hysterical. The food was good. It was a great night out for a friends birthday. I want to go back in a few months to bring my for her birthday. It's a must see.

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Review from Lovelyhawk
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Murdered by the Mob was more of a comedy than a mystery. The show was very funny.

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Review from Carol
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My group of friends and myself had a blast! The show and actors were so much fun to watch and play along with. I would definitely recommend this show to others.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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My husband & I have been to several Murder Mysteries over the last 15 years and this was one of the poorest we have seen. I had read the reviews prior to booking and even though they weren't very positive we thought we would try it since we enjoy...continued

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mate banhegyi
Review from mate banhegyi
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Not sophisticated..only liked one character..very sole story..expected much better..

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Review from patynyc
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Overall the show was good, however, the food was awful!! Cold pieces of bread and bruschettas were passed around during the first hour of the show. There was one appetizer that looked and tasted horrible! I couldn't even figure out what it was...continued

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Richard Jones
Review from Richard Jones
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Overall, fun time had by my group. We got to participate and took home some prizes. The cast was hilarious and kept the audience entertained. However, the food served was below par. Dinner could have been much better for an Italian restaurant....continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Sadly, the show AND food were terrible. The script was pretty bad, the jokes were not funny, the acting was very poor. The concept of an interactive show is great but the execution (no pun intended) was bad.
Food- chicken parm and pasta for...continued

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Singh Dolly
Review from Singh Dolly
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Second time at this event and had a wonderful time as always! My boyfriend loved the show and the actors and actresses did a wonderful job!
Food was great, and seating was perfect.
Thanks goldstar.

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Review from rochelle
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Started off as a funny experience..went downhill..too long and became silly and boring. Food was good.

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Review from Mmb269
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Terrible. Don’t waste your money.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The cast and crew were gracious and made us feel like we were at home. They really tried to get everyone involved, we had a great time. The food was not 5 star but it was really good!

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The evening at Murdered by the Mob was very enjoyable-the cast was terrific & Arno's Restaurant is a do over for us.

Philip Peluso & Phylis Waterfall

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