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Shaoquan Lin
Review from Shaoquan Lin
220 events 126 reviews

The show was good. The minimun two drinks will add $20 to the cost for each person.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
63 events 33 reviews

Great one man show. Very enjoyable

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Review from selfcurledgirl
25 events 12 reviews

Oh, this was great!!!I loved the Jewish memories and referrals and then the songs of Sinatra were so well done. He is funny and a great singer. I am going back to show my husband as we are great ballroom dancers who love Frank's foxtrots. We may...continued

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Review from Naeema
48 events 11 reviews

It was very nice! Carr's performance was great. wish he would have sang a few more known Sinatra songs. I loved it!!! its a must see event!

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Review from Kirsten
26 events 11 reviews

Loved the performance. Very funny and entertaining. However, not a huge fan of the venue. Drinks were rather expensive for the spot and the "pretzels with dip" should not have cost $5.

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Eli K
Review from Eli K
16 events 8 reviews

Love Sinatra and his songs but this show did not meet my expectations. Only a few songs were performed and there was so much talking. The subject was not Frank but the life of the performer on stage - some content was funny but overall not that...continued

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Joseph Schinasi
Review from Joseph Schinasi
43 events 7 reviews

A really really good time. He does a great Sinatra repetoire and a great Sinatra. In between songs, he punctuates the his own life story against the backdrop of Sinatra's life. I enjoying this thoroughly and highly recommend it.

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Review from Eileen
26 events 6 reviews

Very entertaining. We enjoyed the preformance.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 5 reviews

A wonderful, entertaining evening. Cary Hoffman did a great job intertwining his life with songs of Sinatra.
great baargain for the cost

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Review from Michael
7 events 5 reviews

Fun show. The place was a nice cabaret style intimate atmosphere. A nice mix of music and comedy tied into a real life story. My wife and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Arrive early and sit wherever you want. Drink minimum brings up price, but tickets...continued

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Review from hocksocc14
15 events 5 reviews

Great show for the money! Carry's voice is amazing!! There were times that you would never had known the difference between Carry and Frank. The venue is small, so make sure you arrive ahead of time. The drinks are very good and not as expensive...continued

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Bonnie Colodne Sollog
Review from Bonnie Colodne Sollog
14 events 5 reviews

Loved the show, Cary Hoffman was superb, but audience was ghastly. Had a couple next to us that disrupted the entire show, did not respond to correction by either other audience members nor Mr. Hoffman himself. The last thing this couple needed...continued

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karen aroety
Review from karen aroety
7 events 5 reviews

Nice elegant crowd, and the show was wonderful. If you love Frank Sinatra this is a great show to see. I was also surprised by how nice the venue was.

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Review from MPetal
25 events 5 reviews

Wonderful, entertaining evening. If you love Sinatra, and you respect obsessions, you'll enjoy this! This is a great example of Goldstar leading you to something you might otherwise miss.

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Review from BethanyRae
7 events 4 reviews

It was just ok. Too long for what it was. We understand the 2 drink minimum, but at $7 for a bottle of water, and cash only, we felt that a bit extreme. Also, the server was kind of rude, which made the 18% tip annoying.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 4 reviews

This is basically an autobiographical show about the performer, not a Sinatra "concert". Less Hoffman and more Sinatra would have been better.

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Pat Kelly
Review from Pat Kelly
6 events 4 reviews

We had a great time! He is a wonderful entertainer...great singing and a great story...the theatre is perfect for this...same comments about the $10 drinks but you just have to plan for it...and the cash only part should be planned for too...we...continued

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Americo Lopes
Review from Americo Lopes
16 events 4 reviews

you will not be disappointed - great show - may go again

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Review from EPERECMAN
24 events 3 reviews

Charming, refreshingly unpretentious, simply wonderful evening esp for Sinatra fans.

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Review from FRAN LUPO
4 events 3 reviews

I thought Hoffman, put on an enjoyable, relaxing show. Quarters were a little tight, but sound was good. We went with another couple that knew nothing about the show, and they also, enjoyed it. Definitely worth the money!

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