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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 847 events 723 reviews

One word for this show.....YUMMMMMM. I've seen this show a couple times before and this one was, by far, one of the best ever. Super talented cast who danced and sang their naked way right into your heart...and of course, they were all gorgeous...continued

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Jerry Davis
Review from Jerry Davis
Red Velvet 390 events 217 reviews

Like the title just naked boys singing

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Peter Simonetti
Review from Peter Simonetti
52 events 25 reviews

Very entertaining show but a bit too short.

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Mariam Jean
Review from Mariam Jean
20 events 20 reviews

total shock.... and I mean SHOCK!!!! they are actually naked, like in the birthday suit kinda naked
A lot of fun though and very good atmosphere, try not to sit in first few rows, if you know what I mean
no kids allowed

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Review from Enriqueto
48 events 17 reviews

Funny show

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Susan Brillhart
Review from Susan Brillhart
29 events 17 reviews

Hysterical!!! NOT a family show - but great for girls-night-out, etc. They may be naked, but the songs are good, the singing is quality, and their expressions are awesome. These guys ARE performers - enjoy them :-) And my 3rd row seat - GREAT! :-)

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Review from Enriqueto
48 events 17 reviews

It was something unusual and funny...

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The Show
Review from The Show
102 events 14 reviews

it was a great witty production...I thought it was going to be longer than it was...around 1hr in length.

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Kenneth Fox
Review from Kenneth Fox
42 events 13 reviews

Entertaining, but glad it was a cheap ticket!

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Victoria Luminati
Review from Victoria Luminati
29 events 13 reviews

Terrible!!! First of all, it was very cold in the theater. People were asking to turn off AC but the manager (I assume he was a manager) refused. Everybody were seated wearing their winter coats through the performance. As to performance, it was...continued

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Alex Zhang
Review from Alex Zhang
26 events 11 reviews

full nudity, ok singing, but the ticket price purchased on this website is higher than at the theater, it's only $20 at the theater, and they always have tickets right before the show.

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M.Gloria M
Review from M.Gloria M
30 events 11 reviews

Good show, funny. Worth seeing.

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Alfredo Vasquez
Review from Alfredo Vasquez
27 events 9 reviews


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Ellen Chen
Review from Ellen Chen
26 events 9 reviews

I was expecting more a "magic mike" type of naked guy show. but this one is a drag show. I like queer as folk series, but this one is not to my taste. They pitch is a bit on the annoying side for me, so I did not really enjoy as much as I...continued

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Review from Lesrock
32 events 9 reviews

It was a Girls nite out for dinner and a show. Parking not a problem,I parked on the street. Nice Theatre but small. all seats are good seats. The Show! The show was Great! I I felt like a High School girl, seeing it for the first time. AND YOU...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 9 reviews

It's the perfect blend of my two favorite things--musical theater and naked young men.

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Ilona Jurkiewicz
Review from Ilona Jurkiewicz
77 events 9 reviews

Very amusing and a great time with a girlfriend. Know what you are seeing though... this is full frontal nudity in a cabaret style! IF you are uncomfortable with nude men, don't see this!!

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Barbara Rosa
Review from Barbara Rosa
10 events 8 reviews

I loved this event. I never laughed so much and yet there were soft soothing segments also. The men were all handsome, talented and convincing in their roles. I plan to see it again!!!

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Jim Eigo
Review from Jim Eigo
12 events 8 reviews

“Naked Boys Singing!” has been around for a while. And though I’m a gay guy & a theater buff, the obvious target audience for this piece, I’ve never seen it till now. So why did it take so long? I guess I feared that any show with a name like this...continued

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Review from Barry
9 events 7 reviews

I enjoyed the show. It was quite funny but it definitely wasn't Broadway. Even though the theater was nearly empty, the seats from Goldstar were toward the back but we were able to move up.

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