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Debbie Wade
Review from Debbie Wade
8 events 7 reviews

Show was short.. Listed as 1hr 30mins with no intermission and it was only 1 hr long.

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Jasmine Pacheco
Review from Jasmine Pacheco
12 events 6 reviews

Funny! small bar before you enter. Small place. Sat in row K and still saw everything.

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Rita Shah
Review from Rita Shah
31 events 6 reviews

I didnt care for it as there was no real plot or substance to the show. It was just what the title said

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Review from Pam
12 events 6 reviews

i had out of town friends visiting for the weekend and we were celebrating one of the girls 60th birthday so it was a perfect way to kick off our fun weekend! I'd seen the show previously when it was in the West Village. The sound system at The...continued

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Carmelo Gonzalez
Review from Carmelo Gonzalez
23 events 6 reviews

It's a good show I would go and see it again.

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Review from 3Rivers
8 events 6 reviews

Very Comical, body positive, good voices and songs... Theater is small, so any seat would be fine

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Lia K
Review from Lia K
23 events 5 reviews

Fun and funny! Good start to a night out.

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Review from Veronica
16 events 4 reviews

hilarious show, but was too much of nudity

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

This show wasn't as glorious as I thought it would be. It was still a well-crafted funny experience. There is no plot it's just a group of 6 men singing about different things... sometimes together sometimes solo, sometimes naked sometimes with...continued

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Review from KBear
4 events 4 reviews

Warning, this show is for the straight woman or gay guy. Literally naked guys singing and dancing around the stage. Very funny, I'd rec it.

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Review from EL
7 events 3 reviews

Great looking guys. Music was to loud, so it drowned out their singing and they seemed to have nice singing voices. Saw the show years ago and the changes were refreshing. Great girls night out.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

Here is my issue. We bought 7 tix for a girls night out. Our seats were 2 rows from back of theatre. Mine was next to the soundboard which had no soundman sitting there. Halfway through show there is a feedback buzz for about a minute. Since the...continued

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Syd Koech III
Review from Syd Koech III
7 events 3 reviews

show was great and entertaining. would have given them 5 stars if they were 100% on point, but could use just a touch of polishing.

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Linda Carlton
Review from Linda Carlton
3 events 3 reviews

Show was quirky and fun, just as expected. I would advise to purchase tickets directly from the box office-- they are only $36.25, including service fee, and don't have any of the hidden (and quite steep) service fees that Goldstar charges.

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Luis Mercado
Review from Luis Mercado
7 events 3 reviews

Show was really funny and entertaining!!!

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Review from Natalya
22 events 3 reviews

The show was really good and light, perfrect for the girls night out... You do have to be very comfortable with male full frontal nudity - the show is exactly what the title says - Naked Boys Singing!

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annamaria martorana
Review from annamaria martorana
2 events 2 reviews

Fantastico spettacolo, un'ora di divertimento allo stato puro. niente di volgare solamente divertimento. very very funny.....

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Camille Harriott
Review from Camille Harriott
12 events 2 reviews

It was great!! I loved the singing and the theme of the play. It sing had a story. It was funny and tasteful.

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Reina Ortiz
Review from Reina Ortiz
11 events 2 reviews

Me encanto, muy educativo.

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Review from msmel45
8 events 2 reviews

Went for my birthday with my girlfriends for a fun night on the town. Had a great time. The show and songs made for a light-hearted fun evening with the ladies. Small Venue so any seat in the house is fine.

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