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Review from MargaretR
54 events 9 reviews

While the skid was funny and the actors were very talented there was way too much profanity used which I didn't find amusing. A show like this could have been done in better taste. Definitely not a show I would recommend to the general public who...continued

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Diane Conte Kupelnick
Review from Diane Conte Kupelnick
12 events 8 reviews

Capitol Steps meets SNL. Very talented actors with hysterical material & lots of wigs! Venue is a 100 seat state of the theater. Left me wanting more, it was only an hour long.

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Angel Valle
Review from Angel Valle
68 events 8 reviews

Great show, A must see, very funny humorous....

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Review from 장유준
32 events 6 reviews

Hilarious. Sing songs about hot trendy issues.

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Brenda Tannenbaum
Review from Brenda Tannenbaum
35 events 6 reviews

It must have been pad for by the Hillary Foundation or Soros It was stupid one sided propaganda. No mention was made about how our economy has improved under Trump, or about how African Americans have the lowest ever rate of unemployment. The big...continued

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Review from Michelle
21 events 6 reviews

The performers were really good… I had seen the show a couple years ago and a lot of it was the same I think they need an update since the news is constantly changing they need to change the show… The show was good but I did see seven people get...continued

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Review from Gina
76 events 6 reviews

The show was awful. Bad acting, no props, just bad. Singing was awful

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Review from 3Rivers
8 events 6 reviews

There really isn't a bad seat there. The people that work there are very friendly. Very relevant, and updated information on current event.

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Eddie Garcia
Review from Eddie Garcia
31 events 5 reviews

Good.musical but could.have been longer

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Katherine Johnson
Review from Katherine Johnson
33 events 5 reviews

Hilarious! Current with the news and we couldn't stop laughing!
A must see. I also heard the show changes frequently.

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Review from JOE SHIROKY
7 events 4 reviews

"Newsical" never disappoints! The scathing bon mots are as on target as ever, brilliantly crafted musically, and the performances are sans pariel!! Christine Pedi and Michael West are as phenomenal as always (as they've been since their...continued

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Daniel Suozzo
Review from Daniel Suozzo
18 events 4 reviews

Funny, entertaining, well written.......

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Lynda Hopkins
Review from Lynda Hopkins
8 events 4 reviews

I was a fan of Forbidden Broadway years ago and expected something similar, only spoofs on the news events. It was more spoof on popular culture like Honey BooBoo and Suze Orman--who I don't consider newsmakers. So, I did think it was a missed...continued

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Review from Dfberman
14 events 4 reviews

It just wasn’t funny. A few of the sketches were a little funny. Most of it was just stupid.

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Review from HurricaneSandy
38 events 4 reviews

It was funny. I got their late so I missed some of it. From what I saw, it was okay.

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Review from iceman61
16 events 4 reviews

It was funny, I really enjoyed it.

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Eric Stout
Review from Eric Stout
12 events 4 reviews

It was funny but way too short.

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Review from LadyD
26 events 4 reviews

It was relevant, current and well written!

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Review from Gma5
6 events 4 reviews

Sort of a "Capitol Steps" concept. Funny and entertaining skits based on news events.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 4 reviews

The show was awesome! Very funny and would see it again!!!

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