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Concetta Ann Mastrianna
Review from Concetta Ann Mastrianna
13 events 4 reviews

This was a terrible performance and for the price it was not worth it. Running time was only an one hour.

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Catherine Mossa
Review from Catherine Mossa
17 events 4 reviews

Unfortunately, I would not recommend this play. Not funny and very silly. Politically one sided.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 3 reviews


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Seymour H
Review from Seymour H
6 events 3 reviews

I had heard it was like Forbidden Broadway, but related to timely news. I had really expected into be more like the Capitol Steps. It was O.K, but not great - Capitol Steps is more more satirical and entertaining.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

It was excellent - especially the writing was fresh and current for our times. The impersonations were spot on. The show keep things going with comedical skits, very few lasting more than a couple of minutes. Before you knew it, the show was over....continued

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Review from Kevin
15 events 3 reviews

One writer attempting too much...sketches, music and lyrics. Material hit and miss and only a few are funny. Performers are terrific.

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Joan Yazmir
Review from Joan Yazmir
8 events 3 reviews

Show was simplistic, sophomoric, not particularly funny or interesting. Without an intermission, we were trapped.

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James Kakoullis
Review from James Kakoullis
23 events 3 reviews

Some good laughs but uneven overall

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Urooj Zahra
Review from Urooj Zahra
32 events 3 reviews

The show was just alright.

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Susan Stoll
Review from Susan Stoll
8 events 3 reviews

The show was entertaining and funny.

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Review from Rebecca
5 events 3 reviews

This show was very underwhelming. The cast is clearly talented, but I felt like I was watching an episode of Saturday Night Live that was not funny. I fell asleep during the performance, and the seats we got through Goldstar were in the 2nd to...continued

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Barb Federow
Review from Barb Federow
9 events 2 reviews

Fun, strongly recommend it. Great venue and location.

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Gariy Livshits
Review from Gariy Livshits
16 events 2 reviews

Great show. We are, the family of 4 attended the show last week. Everyone was entertained and loved the humor, the music and acting.

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Sal Frazier
Review from Sal Frazier
7 events 2 reviews

I arrived a little late because parking was rough. The theater is under construction. Therefore, a really weird smell was in the air. The show had a few moments that made me laugh. It was what it was. However, I don't think I would go see it...continued

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Lorrie Huhn Romanello
Review from Lorrie Huhn Romanello
10 events 2 reviews

I saw the show with my boyfriend. I thought the skits were funny and did not agree. I guess it depends on your sense of humor.

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Review from doctorbet
14 events 2 reviews

I walked out after5minutes of trump bashing. it is a damn shame that this is allowed to be shown. disgusting!!

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George F. Steele
Review from George F. Steele
3 events 2 reviews

If you like news and current event comedy this is the show for you.

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Review from Poojam
12 events 2 reviews

It was like watching SNL in Musical form. Really timely and funny!

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Adriana Cannon
Review from Adriana Cannon
10 events 2 reviews

It was really fun, the cast was super enthusiastic, and it was a good run time. We were laughing and had a great fun night out!

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Lana Zilberman-Khodorkovskiy Rma
Review from Lana Zilberman-Khodorkovskiy Rma
15 events 2 reviews

It was very funny but I thought it needed to be longer but it was funny as long as u watch tv n get the references it was funny

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