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Shaoquan Lin
Review from Shaoquan Lin
209 events 119 reviews

The Author and performer is smart and funny. The play is very well written, humorous and a unique take on evolution.

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Review from mcf
121 events 74 reviews

Well done. Definitely worthwhile. Both educational and entertaining. Goldstar gave excellent seats, too.

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Review from SusanW
221 events 61 reviews

Very entertaining and educational...a lot of work and research went into this show. In addition to being a gifted performer, he is an engaging storyteller and rapper. Between creation and evolution lies a most controversial dialogue...one which...continued

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Review from Lou
66 events 43 reviews

Ba Ba Brinkman is a fabulous performer but the 45+ minutes of nearly continuous dialogue (interspersed with some rap songs) was too much to take. Also some of the explanations were rather sophomoric especially using the late 1980's Homocide book...continued

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Ruth Herold
Review from Ruth Herold
111 events 37 reviews

Excellent from a performance & educational perspective. Hope this goes on the road to the west coast!

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Review from adam
47 events 35 reviews

never seen anything quite like it. funny, introspective, different, innovative, and entertaining.

highly recommend this to anyone interested in a night of fresh rhymes about the world we live in

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Merrill G.
Review from Merrill G.
72 events 33 reviews

fun rappish presentation of the theories of charles darwin. baba brinkman was full of enthusiasm and made imaginative, often amusing connections between the insights/music/lives of rappers and human/animal development. smart and well meaning,...continued

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Review from Maura
32 events 26 reviews

This is a really great show. It's insightful, funny and informative.

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Review from Hrant
46 events 24 reviews

Quite entertaining and mentally challenging at times based on the multimedia material presented. Makes one think regarding the Darwin theory, and the theory of evolution thru a very entertaining, and fun perspective. The actor was very sharp,...continued

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Frank Irizarry
Review from Frank Irizarry
33 events 24 reviews

this was my second time seeing the show this time i brought along my wife and aunt and uncle and everyone loved it

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Frank Irizarry
Review from Frank Irizarry
33 events 24 reviews

Wow. This is a MUST see production. I came with little or no expectations and left feeling that I had just spent one the best nights in the theater I have experienced in a long time. Baba Brinkman ( what was his mother thinking when she named him...continued

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Review from rhb
87 events 23 reviews

Very creative artistically and intellectually. Great for urban middle or high school teachers.

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Mary McCann
Review from Mary McCann
26 events 20 reviews

Darwin's theory of evolution done with spoken word & rap. It's entertaining & I would recommend it to others.

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Review from Rosette624
46 events 20 reviews

I really enjoyed this play. It was differernt than anything I've ever seen. It really gets you thinking. Very unique.

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Review from Diep
68 events 20 reviews

Very creative! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Jerome L.
Review from Jerome L.
220 events 19 reviews

Brinkman is a very talented writer and performer. Entertaining and informative at the same time . . . .

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Review from Mitchell
77 events 19 reviews

Smart, clever, original, well-researched, inventive, entertaining (and one-sided). This unorthodox theatrical presentation of a complex concept (the theory of evolution) that has been oversimplified over time is shrewdly performed by Baba Brinkman...continued

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Review from Nicki
23 events 18 reviews

I wasn't fond of this event at all. I had a hard time understanding what Baba was saying while he was rapping. He rapped about Darwin and evolution the entire time; however, he rapped so fast that I had a hard time comprehending most of what he...continued

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Review from Charlene
35 events 18 reviews

The show was a one man (well two including the DJ) show by a Canadian artist who uses rap music to tell a story of evolution and Darwin's view point on life. He was entertaining and captivating and did a good job of including his audience. ...continued

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Review from Milardo
61 events 15 reviews

very fun, very informative, a good time.

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