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Review from dancerzheart
Red Velvet 75 events 20 reviews

Nephews love this place and it was different than last year when we went
Great interactive exhibits

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Sun Yung
Review from Sun Yung
Red Velvet 8 events 3 reviews

Actually it is a great thing to do with kids. I originally got the tickets because I thought my 4th grade son would like it since he's into the World Guiness Book of Records and things like that. I was skeptical, but I went with friends and...continued

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Priscilla Talbot
Review from Priscilla Talbot
111 events 76 reviews

fresh new personages good spacing ticket redemption very easy
definitely worth the price transportation easily available inside NYC

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Review from mcf
121 events 74 reviews

two kids (boys 10 and 14) loved it; think it's probably better for them than the wax museum; Goldstar is a good deal, since the laser race ticket costs $4.99 each by itself, but would probably opt out of that if had to pay separately, as it's not...continued

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Review from Bobbie
55 events 42 reviews

My teen granddaughter had been to other Ripley Museums and -- because I never had been -- wanted to introduce me to Ripley. I admit I was reluctant and she was persuasive. To my great surprise, I found so many of the exhibits interesting; yes,...continued

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Review from Eglenn11
126 events 29 reviews

Really fun and interesting! I learned a lot!

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Review from Lucia
46 events 29 reviews

Three stars for the entire event, but an extra star for the shrunken head exhibit. It takes a good 2 hours to look through and read everything. Many different exhibits to look at. Nothing is the same.

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Alexandra Vivanco
Review from Alexandra Vivanco
48 events 25 reviews

They need to update the museum and make it bigger. It was however a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. Would not return unless its updated.

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Devon Sharp
Review from Devon Sharp
50 events 23 reviews

Cheesy tourist attraction

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Review from Z
54 events 20 reviews

It was fun and interesting and there was a lot to see. I also thought the captions that went with the exhibits were well written, thoughtful and informative. My only quibble would be that some of the exhibits could use a touch up, a little...continued

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Review from maria
36 events 19 reviews

I went with my boy-friend we had a pretty good time...taking pics with all the werried things n people...but I felt it could have had a bit more...I've been to others like in San Fran, Virginia Beach they were alot nicer...but my boy-friend enjoy...continued

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Catharina V.
Review from Catharina V.
29 events 19 reviews

Ripley's is known for showcasing the unique and unusual. It definitely delivers. I also like the interactive things you can do. The black hole tunnel plays with your mind is good. We all enjoyed it.

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Review from ken.5
23 events 14 reviews

fun time for the family

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P Lewis
Review from P Lewis
16 events 13 reviews

2nd time going and it was as fun as the first. You can take your time and just go over the things you probably overlooked. The employees are very helpful. We had a blast!

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Review from shawn
19 events 13 reviews

For me it was just OK. My 12 year old daughter seemed to think it was great. I thought it would have had a little more of a wow factor for me. We came, we saw, we did...Check! Now on to the Next!

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Mike Finnegan
Review from Mike Finnegan
27 events 13 reviews

Fun filled day.

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P Lewis
Review from P Lewis
16 events 13 reviews

It was very interesting and fun! Lots to see Mr. Ripley really had a collection. You can take your time and walk around. Bring a lot of film. Very informative going back again. Bring your confimation papers and ID the line went very smoothly.

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P Lewis
Review from P Lewis
16 events 13 reviews

Some of the exhibits were missing from my previous adventure. This was my 4th time going - I still enjoyed myself and I like to see the expressions on my friend's faces as they look at Ripley's manificient collections.

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Diane Pollack
Review from Diane Pollack
27 events 12 reviews

It is a large exhibit, divided into many subject areas. There is alot to read and some hands on displays. It is interesting for all ages

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Review from TishaK
19 events 10 reviews

It was full of lots of surprises and definetely good times! Worth the Goldstar price!

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