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Deena Evergreen
Review from Deena Evergreen
99 events 56 reviews

Did not attend. Husband had heart surgery the day before.

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Review from ROCKESTHER
38 events 19 reviews

We Stood Up & Cheered Bravo

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Robert Cesarano
Review from Robert Cesarano
18 events 15 reviews

Good time, great venue, worth it

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Donna Anne Prainito
Review from Donna Anne Prainito
32 events 11 reviews

My problem was with the venue. The staff made it sound that if we didn't order 2 drinks each that we wouldn't get a ticket to get out . Not only did we not get a ticket, but there were people at my table who didn't order anything and were let out...continued

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Rosalind Brooks
Review from Rosalind Brooks
26 events 10 reviews

Fantastic! Excellent cast! Truly enjoyed it.

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Review from darylinny
20 events 7 reviews

The show was really funny and we had a great time. Definitely reminded me of some of my Italian friends.

There was a two drink minimum which I didn't realize when purchasing the tickets, but we got there about 5 minutes before the show started...continued

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Jeffry Zweig
Review from Jeffry Zweig
18 events 6 reviews

Amazing. I laughed so hard while reflecting on my life experiences.
Moments in the dialogue bring you to tears from the reality. Great mix of actors. People I’d love to share a pizza with.

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Review from lorr1
22 events 6 reviews

Very fun and entertaining!!

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Review from Judy
17 events 5 reviews

Really very funny show with some quite poignant moments. These are talented comedians that perfectly depict what being Italian is all about! I could relate to it all. Lots of fun.

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Matt Goldstein
Review from Matt Goldstein
9 events 3 reviews

I didn't expect much from this show, yet it was one of the funniest I've seen in a long time.

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Larisa Reva
Review from Larisa Reva
9 events 3 reviews

Not a first time I invited my husband to go with me to Broadway Show but he refuses alway. This Saturday he agreed and I was hoping he like it because next time I will go by myself like I always do (some people prefer TV show instead of live...continued

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Edward Julius
Review from Edward Julius
6 events 2 reviews

A must see for all.New Yorker's especially. We got every reference and joke and know someone just like who they were talking about. Just GO!!

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Review from Santina
18 events 2 reviews

Delightful, well made script!
Actors superb!
I laughed so hard, it felt so good! Every line of the script was so well written and
played! I strongly recommend it!

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Emogene S Hayes
Review from Emogene S Hayes
2 events 2 reviews

I thought the act was entertaining and refreshing....I would have love to have been instructed as to where to go and what to do when I arrived but no one was there....I also would have like to been informed that the tip is in the drink charge, I...continued

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Review from Dmitriy
25 events 2 reviews

Italian humor that is funny for everyone

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Julia Fisher
Review from Julia Fisher
14 events 2 reviews

Very funny. It brought back so many memories of growing up in Brooklyn in the '60's and '70's

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Richard Elrauch
Review from Richard Elrauch
2 events 1 review

cute, generally well-acted, not very funny. I laughed once..., but that's me.

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Mary Strakosch
Review from Mary Strakosch
5 events 1 review

Enjoyed the show. This is the second time I went. They’ve updated many scenes; still a good laugh.

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Anne Maas
Review from Anne Maas
2 events 1 review

Fun show. The actors did a good job and made us laugh. Particularly entertaining if you come from an Italian family. You’ll relate well to many of their references.

Venue isn’t fabulous. Rather cramped seating. The drink options were minimal and...continued

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Review from ftallarico
15 events 1 review

if you grew up in an Italian family, you can relate...
very entertaining
a lot of good laughs

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