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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 691 events 215 reviews

Second time on the Clipper City Twilight Tour and it was again SIMPLY MAGICAL!! This time we brought family from abroad and they kept talking about the cruise for the rest of their stay in NYC!! I will definitely from now on bring all of our...continued

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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 691 events 215 reviews

We have taken several amazing trips on the Clipper City: wonderful crew & watching hectic, hustle-bustle New York from the peaceful boat is very special. But the Twilight Tour is simply MAGICAL!!

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Review from Bobby
Red Velvet 29 events 12 reviews

2nd time on Twilight Tour: what a very, very special treat for tourists and visitors alike!

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Review from Bobby
Red Velvet 29 events 12 reviews

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING CRUISE! Soooo special to see NYC from the water. And at twilight it's especially great!

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Review from Sara
117 events 48 reviews

I enjoyed it!

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Victor Torres
Review from Victor Torres
57 events 33 reviews

Went on the Twilight Sail for my birthday. First time. Had a wonderful time.

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Review from Siwckc
74 events 29 reviews

Perfect weather and a perfect night. The crew us so nice. The event is really relaxing. We happen to come across many catamarans that are in town for races this weekend, that was cool.

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Review from nicole
30 events 13 reviews

the three of us never went sailing before and we loved it the crew was friendly and i liked how they worked together to get the sail up and then down i would recommend going sailing to everyone especially if you have never gone before

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Review from JoeLNYC
18 events 10 reviews

It was a beautiful, charming and fun cruise Ship left and docked on time. Ride was smooth. The views were spectacular. The bar had good drinks at a reasonable price. My friend and I were very impressed.

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Review from Manolo
51 events 10 reviews

the best way to watch the setting sun.

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Rocio Rendon
Review from Rocio Rendon
23 events 9 reviews

They enjoy twilight sail amazing views and very informative information

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Ginger Broderick
Review from Ginger Broderick
141 events 7 reviews

great experience...a must do in NYC....!!

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Robert Cesarano
Review from Robert Cesarano
13 events 6 reviews

A great time! Nothing better than on the water with tremendous views, great ship, and a top notch crew. I came with my wife and it just was so very nice.

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Review from Livia
19 events 6 reviews

Gorgeus views

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Anand K
Review from Anand K
6 events 6 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The crew was very friendly. The crowd wasn't unruly or crass. The route that the boat took was good & helped capture some excellent pictures but I wish they didn't keep repeating the loops. Perhaps a different route?...continued

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Catherine Perez
Review from Catherine Perez
25 events 6 reviews

it was okay. it would have been better if there had been a narrative or tour.

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Irrum Doss
Review from Irrum Doss
11 events 5 reviews

I went on this one before and I know I won't go again. The ship is nice but it just sits around the state of liberty the entire time, kinda boring. The other sunset tours on here start midtown go down to lady liberty and even sail down under...continued

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Irrum Doss
Review from Irrum Doss
11 events 5 reviews

spacious ship wonderful sunset views of lady liberty wish it went under brooklyn bridge or sailed into other areas.

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Review from Cherisse
15 events 5 reviews

This continues to be one of my favorite attractions. What a pleasurable time sailing around lower Manhattan watching the sunset and admiring my beautiful city. Bring a jacket, camera and your smile as you sail off into the sunset and happiness!

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Review from GINAREGINA
19 events 5 reviews

This is the second time I've gone on the twilight sail. I brought along several friends, two of whom are not all that fond of boats. It was an absolutely perfect summer evening and a magnificent sunset. Everyone found it a wonderful...continued

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