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T. Braddox
Review from T. Braddox
Red Velvet 93 events 27 reviews

Heart felt, very well performed!!!

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Mom Dukes
Review from Mom Dukes
118 events 104 reviews

Omggggg he was AMAZING!!!! I did not expect to laugh from beginning to the end. What I learned about being bi-racial (which I'm not) and what he bought back to remembrance as a black woman was informative, interesting, and most of all...continued

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Deena Evergreen
Review from Deena Evergreen
88 events 50 reviews

Very funny and also very telling. Humor with a punch. I would see it again.

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Steven Fenichel
Review from Steven Fenichel
116 events 28 reviews

It was an absolutely brilliant performance. The show was a perfect balance of comedy , tragedy and societal insights.
Recommend that everyone looking for a fulfilling and entertaining theater experience check it out.

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Review from hb4sn
87 events 28 reviews

The three of us all gave it enthusiastic thumbs up and highly recommend it. The writing is tight and funny, the production very smooth, the performer extremely engaging. This is a good choice if you like standup that pertains to social issues,...continued

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Review from Maura
31 events 25 reviews

This was a really entertaining story - funny yet a reality check at the same time. Bill tells his own story but also makes us aware of identity of ourselves and others. I highly recommend this show.

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Mariam Traore
Review from Mariam Traore
41 events 20 reviews

Wow. From laughter to moments of pure emotions. This show is a hit. Can’t recommend it enough

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Review from Doktorica
55 events 15 reviews

A difficult and delicate topic that the young man pored his soul and body into, using bitter humor which still engaged people in the audience, different by origins and skin color.
He deserves a bigger stage and more publicity, but meanwhile, his...continued

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Review from EKay
15 events 8 reviews

It was an absolute amazing show!!! Heavy but very comical. Worth every penny. Ever see a show where you wanted to tip the actor? That’s this kind of show. Laughs from your gut and very interactive with the audience. A must see.

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Ricardo Peterson
Review from Ricardo Peterson
14 events 7 reviews

Funny, thought provoking, and touching. Really enjoyed and even made me cry at the end.

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Review from Betsy
26 events 6 reviews

Bill Posley is a super star! The venue is very intimate. We got to pick out our own seats. There’s a bar downstairs and they take cards. My friend and I had an amazing time.
The show was hilarious. We laughed from beginning to end. We also...continued

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Tyeisha Parris
Review from Tyeisha Parris
30 events 6 reviews

Whoa! Excellente...what a phenomenal show. I brought along my guy and friend and they both enjoyed it as well. The piece brought so many things to light made you think out side of the box. I hope Trevor Noah comes to the show before his last show....continued

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Review from Traciely
14 events 5 reviews

This production will be in NYC for two more weeks. It is absolutely fabulous. It is witty, poignant, sweet and just plain funny. I am going to insist that my daughter and her friends come and see this show. If she could get her entertainment...continued

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Jen Cummings
Review from Jen Cummings
8 events 3 reviews

Awesome. Tell everyone you know to see this show! Bill Posley is spreading an important message.

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Kim Bowen
Review from Kim Bowen
22 events 3 reviews

I thought this young man’s story was well told and funny. I enjoyed this performance!

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Arlene Jones
Review from Arlene Jones
7 events 3 reviews


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Review from Noel
6 events 3 reviews

What a wonderful and searing work; brilliantly conceived and superbly presented. Will spread the word!

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Walter Milani
Review from Walter Milani
5 events 2 reviews

Funny. poignant, enlightening and thoroughly entertaining! Bill Posley is a compelling performer: handsome, humble, honest, charismatic. eloquent and very compelling! He's a terrific storyteller. His custom video aides in his presentation and...continued

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Nikki Nicole
Review from Nikki Nicole
48 events 2 reviews

Great show. I highly reccommend it.

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Carmen Torres
Review from Carmen Torres
9 events 2 reviews

I must see. The show had me crying and laughing. Bill Posley is dynamic in his delivery. Will see it again with friends.

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