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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 695 events 217 reviews

Wonderful look back into the 50s and 60s!!

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Jerry Davis
Review from Jerry Davis
Red Velvet 389 events 216 reviews

Boring I walked out at intermission

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Review from Arlan
Red Velvet 58 events 29 reviews

Love this musical. I a wonderful time with co-worker.

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Review from LadyGrey
Red Velvet 40 events 25 reviews

The music and costumes were great.

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Ian Lane
Review from Ian Lane
Red Velvet 90 events 21 reviews

Marvelous show featuring songs from the 50's and 60's. A very enjoyable evening! Especially noteworthy was the choreography and costumes! Each song was cleverly staged to highlight its context and meaning. Go!! Enjoy!!

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Roberta Mast
Review from Roberta Mast
Red Velvet 54 events 15 reviews

Excellent performers, great singers, very entertaining

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Inna Malyar
Review from Inna Malyar
Red Velvet 31 events 15 reviews

Marvelous! Great for Holidays. Thank you!

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Roxanne Hoffman
Review from Roxanne Hoffman
Red Velvet 106 events 13 reviews

Fun evening! We left singing! 4 dynamos -- these gals are all aglitter! Spunky! Smart! Sassy!

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Review from Terry
Red Velvet 6 events 4 reviews

We had a great time, the theater seats were good and the play was great entertainment with surprise interactions with the audience. The music was fantastic. We all had a wonderful time!

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Suzanne Rivera
Review from Suzanne Rivera
Red Velvet 91 events 2 reviews

Great show! The music and Wonderettes were fantastic!

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Review from VeeJay
143 events 125 reviews

The Marvelous Wonderettes were Marvelous. I enjoyed the music, the staging and the costumes. The ladies did a great job singing these songs. I liked the audience participation as well. This was a cute and enjoyable day out. I enjoyed singing along...continued

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Tony de Maria
Review from Tony de Maria
103 events 57 reviews

brother . we love the music and the sets design. great show

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Review from Joe
120 events 51 reviews

Just play , fun great show, can see over and over .

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Deena Evergreen
Review from Deena Evergreen
88 events 50 reviews

Not as exciting as I thought it might be. Compared to Trip of Love, this doesn't even rate. I often question why Trip of Love had such a short stay.

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Florence Arnow
Review from Florence Arnow
86 events 35 reviews

Great singers,and full of personality, cute story!

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Review from mark
36 events 32 reviews

It is a small theater so the seats were wonderful! The 4 young ladies all had great voices and were very talented. Nice show to see for us who grew up in the 50's and 60's.

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Review from hb4sn
87 events 28 reviews

The show was light and cheerful, as we expected after watching the online trailer. It was fun to hum along the 50's and 60's tunes that it includes, mostly love songs. The production quality is smooth, and two of the performers had great voice...continued

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Saul D. Raw
Review from Saul D. Raw
31 events 27 reviews

Fun and campy 50s and 60s musical review with 4 extremely talented women. Songs are great fun and the energy level is very high. Two real hours of a good time!

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Mark Lorner
Review from Mark Lorner
51 events 25 reviews

Totally enjoyed this performance for the whole family! Was given 2nd row off the isle seats on comp seats was amazing !Knew all the songs as I am a senior and the play begins in 1958 and after intermission it's 1968! Beware if you are male and a...continued

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Peter Simonetti
Review from Peter Simonetti
50 events 23 reviews

Fun show with songs that brought back memories

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