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Review from Doreen
49 events 24 reviews

the three out of the four singers were talented but the material....geesh. i am even uncomfortable writing this... the writing did not show off the talent of the three girls and it was just not good.

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Ian Lane
Review from Ian Lane
91 events 21 reviews

Marvelous show featuring songs from the 50's and 60's. A very enjoyable evening! Especially noteworthy was the choreography and costumes! Each song was cleverly staged to highlight its context and meaning. Go!! Enjoy!!

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Review from john
101 events 21 reviews

small intimate theater. good singers. if you like 50s and 60s songs you'll love this.

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Harvey Messing
Review from Harvey Messing
31 events 18 reviews

Yesterday I saw The Marvelous Wonderettes for the second time, about a year after the first time. It was enjoyable again, and on occasion it had me singing along with the group and taping my feet. The voices of the women are good and I also...continued

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Review from Shayana
38 events 16 reviews

The show was really funny and entertaining! I was engaged the entire time !

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Oleg Malinov
Review from Oleg Malinov
59 events 16 reviews

Wonderful show. Good singing and acting. Lots of fun.

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sandra l roberts
Review from sandra l roberts
19 events 12 reviews

It 's a real hoot; faithful renditions of songs from the late 50s-60s. All the girls' voices are excellent-all could appear on Broadway today! It is a fun time, including some audience participation. Loved it!

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paula christiansen
Review from paula christiansen
42 events 11 reviews

Show was okay, singing was good, story a little boring. Show started late which was not cool and the theater was freezing. I said something about the theater being so cold and nothing happened. The people in front of me and behind me we all...continued

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Review from Ana
27 events 11 reviews

This was just ok for me. The music was good.
But it was a bit cheesy.

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Sheila Karp
Review from Sheila Karp
24 events 10 reviews

Did not like music from the 50s. Production was kind of cheesy and dull. Would not recommend this show.

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Review from Sheryl
20 events 9 reviews

I really enjoyed the show. Very talented performers.
Went with family including my young niece, and we ALL enjoyed.

Small theater, (approx. 90 seats) no change in sets, however, it was not needed to change. Very talented singers, and with...continued

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Salvina L. Scerri
Review from Salvina L. Scerri
14 events 9 reviews

Wonderful sold out show. Loved it.

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Jj Cohen
Review from Jj Cohen
13 events 8 reviews

Great price for a off Broadway show. Had a great time. Enjoyed the day.

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Review from Joan
19 events 7 reviews

For off Broadway, it was pretty good. Disappointed with scene changes and recorded music.

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Damaris Reda
Review from Damaris Reda
39 events 7 reviews

It was a ton of fun- great vocals, funny at times, a feel good show!

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Review from Ed
33 events 6 reviews

Good for an enjoyable lively afternoon; loved the music; storyline was secondary

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Review from Goldstar
15 events 6 reviews

Good show-great music-talented girls-fun to see if you really enjoy good old rock and roll-thanks Goldstar!

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L. Barry
Review from L. Barry
19 events 6 reviews

If you crushed to, danced to or broke up to music from the Fifties this may be for you. The performers do not kill as much as murder treasured musical memories. They have been directed to mince, mug, giggle and sing very very loudly. I did not...continued

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Review from Richard
29 events 6 reviews

Thought i would like this show, however was so BAD that i only stayed for the 1st half. This show should not be even offered, music was terrible, acting was even worse and the them was so outdated and not interesting i had to walk out. Wouldn't...continued

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Review from Pek209
13 events 5 reviews

A cheesy plot line tying together nostagic songs performed by very talented performers. It's lighthearted fun.

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