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Nancy Trewhella
Review from Nancy Trewhella
Red Velvet 12 events 3 reviews

Beautiful day to explore, learn some history, watch the birds and see spring coming to life in the park.

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Review from Humanist
51 events 27 reviews

I really loved this tour - even as a long time 30+ year visitor to NY and Central Park, I thought I knew the park intimately. But I saw perspectives and sections that I had no idea existed. I also learned quite a bit about the birds,...continued

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Review from J A
33 events 21 reviews

It was nice. Lots of cardinals and turtles. Saw a little chipmunk and red-winged blackbird...would upload the pic, LOL! Beautiful weeping willow and magnolia trees all over. Walk pathways were clean. Weather was great and good to see an area of...continued

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Review from GBCBD
48 events 13 reviews

I took this tour with my reluctant teenage boys. Fred, our tour guide, found something in common with them to talk about and quickly won them over (not an easy feat!). Fred was very knowledgeable about the history of the park as well as the flora...continued

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Susan Krasner
Review from Susan Krasner
22 events 11 reviews

I thought that I would see “secret” spots, like caves, underground tunnels, but, did see a few tressels. This was more of a nature tour and the guide was mentioning the same birds consistently. I must admit though, CP is magnificent.

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Gina Doost Fransen
Review from Gina Doost Fransen
23 events 5 reviews

Even after a decade of living in New York, I’ve yet to be able to cover it all. During MArch's last weekend, we got to explore the North End thanks to Central Park Secrets Walking Tour with Fred through Goldstar. Such a magnificent part of the...continued

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Magdolna B.
Review from Magdolna B.
51 events 5 reviews

It was one of the most uninteresting guided tours I have ever participated. We were lucky having a beautiful, sunny day, so we certainly enjoyed walking in the park - but we could have done this on our own. Our tour guide, Fred, was nice but not...continued

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Review from Shari
45 events 4 reviews

This tour takes place in the North Woods of Central Park. A beautiful area rarely visited. It was a small group and Fred, our tour guide, gave us a lot of individual attention and was very thoughtful about my need to slow down a little bit.
He is...continued

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Joy Bergmann
Review from Joy Bergmann
6 events 3 reviews

Fred was an excellent tour guide. Very knowledgeable. Took us to places we never saw. Would recommend this to anyone but not small children. A lot of walking and climbing up hills

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 3 reviews

Growing up in New York City and visiting Central Park many many many times I experience places that I've never been to before. The walk was enjoyable educational and highly recommended. Fred knows the park.
The tour starts on time or when...continued

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Carol J Meijer
Review from Carol J Meijer
2 events 2 reviews

A friend and I went on this tour. We thought it was great. I would recommend it without hesitation. The Guide was knowledgeable and friendly. I was amazed by what I learned about Central Park.

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Nitin Raj Banavikal Math
Review from Nitin Raj Banavikal Math
4 events 2 reviews

Awesome walking tour. Note that this tour covers only the northern part of the park.

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Jamie Carpenter
Review from Jamie Carpenter
2 events 2 reviews

The guide was very good. The tour had a large focus on birdwatching, which I was not aware of going into it. As someone who doesn’t care for birds and was interested in history and architecture I was a little disappointed. The rest of everything...continued

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Jill Drum
Review from Jill Drum
6 events 2 reviews

This tour was great! Fred, the guide, was interesting and informative. We saw and learned many things including chatting w the Central Park Conservancy arborists about work they were doing to combat the beetle blight on Elms. My favorite spots...continued

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Review from Bubbe
4 events 2 reviews

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Fred did a great job guiding us through parts of the park we had never explored before. The views were great. Pace was perfect and bathroom break at just the right time. We have already started telling friends...continued

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Review from BlondeMama24
4 events 2 reviews

Wonderful tour! Highly recommend. Enjoyable and informative.

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Catherine Garcia
Review from Catherine Garcia
1 event 1 review

"Freddy" was our Tour guide. He loves Central Park. All of it and it shows inhis tour. from plants to animals. All History leading up to what is being improved upon now in the park. "Every season offers something beautiful" Freddy. I can't wait to...continued

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Edmund Oca
Review from Edmund Oca
1 event 1 review

Amazing!!!! Can't say more. Thanks for a great morning.

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Anthony J. Mizzi
Review from Anthony J. Mizzi
2 events 1 review

As native New Yorkers, it isn't often that my wife and I do "touristy" things. We've been to Central Park a number of times but usually stay in the southern part, closer to Columbus Circle. When I saw the description for this tour however, I...continued

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Katiusca Acosta
Review from Katiusca Acosta
3 events 1 review

Fred did a fantastic job. He was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour very enjoyable and lay back.

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