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Priscilla Talbot
Review from Priscilla Talbot
111 events 76 reviews

we did not attend = for some reason the part about a 3 story walkp never appeared until when i went backto check the address on the date of attendance. we are both seniors and mygirlfriendwas recovering from knee surgery with braces but our...continued

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Review from Lou
66 events 43 reviews

The venue is terrific with great sight lines and an intimate setting. Servers were helpful and friendly. The singer, Chloe, was very very good singing primarily in French and with some English songs. The three piece group was also fabulous. Will...continued

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Linda Ellen Going To Plays And Movies.
Review from Linda Ellen Going To Plays And Movies.
89 events 21 reviews

Hi I had a problem donot go to the show.

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Review from Amy
21 events 9 reviews

Beautiful music and very talented ensemble. I enjoyed hearing the short stories behind the songs. Looking forward to adding their album to my collection!

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Review from J
19 events 8 reviews

Nice venue, nice event, good drinks. Cocktails were too expensive though, the place was crowded, and the concert was a bit on the long side. Goldstar also needs to work on adjusting event times appropriately; they are always listed as one hour on...continued

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karlan sick
Review from karlan sick
22 events 6 reviews

It was fun but crowded.

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Review from Richard
29 events 6 reviews

The show made me very sleepy, voice was nice but mood was very low energy..leading to do business..Be Warned.

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Madlen Young
Review from Madlen Young
6 events 4 reviews

A really nice venue; music was fantastic; I enjoyed the cocktail, and the small bite. A Perfect evening; I would recommend Club Bonifide, and this band !

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Fausto Enrique Abreu
Review from Fausto Enrique Abreu
6 events 3 reviews

Great show with wonderful jazz music.

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W Lance Hunt
Review from W Lance Hunt
7 events 3 reviews

It's an odd space, on the third floor, either by stairs or single elevator opening directly into a small bar, with era kitsch here and there. In the room with the stage, everyone sits pell-mell along three long tables. Simple food that requires no...continued

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Peter Braverman
Review from Peter Braverman
55 events 3 reviews

The venue overbooks (sells more tickets than they have seats for)... So "General Admission" means that you'd better be there at least 30 minutes before the start time, otherwise you won't get a seat. And it also means that there are going to be...continued

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Review from LauraLu
20 events 3 reviews

We enjoyed the show, but it could be improved with a little more commentary on the songs; just hearing one song after another got a bit tiring. Nevertheless, it was fun and the musicians were very good. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for...continued

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Nonna Tolchinskaya
Review from Nonna Tolchinskaya
3 events 2 reviews

everything was good,but administration should stop Russian group from speaking loud during performances.

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Gloria Diminic
Review from Gloria Diminic
3 events 1 review

I had a fantastic time, love, love French music even though I don't speak French. the singer has a fantastic voice.

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Lila Belanoff
Review from Lila Belanoff
6 events 1 review

It felt like we were in Paris. Splendid musicians and singer. Tres magnifique!

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Inna Chka
Review from Inna Chka
12 events 1 review

Wonderful venue with great drinks, fabulous performances in French and English.

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