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Daniel Karpus
Review from Daniel Karpus
Red Velvet 178 events 2 reviews

exceptional book, great voices and very tight production elevated by well modulated songs make a hilarious evening.

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Kevin Moxley
Review from Kevin Moxley
Red Velvet 3 events 1 review

We loved the show. I would go see it again. It is very entertaining and the actors are extremely talented. The writing is clever.

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Caesar A. Mendez
Review from Caesar A. Mendez
98 events 63 reviews

It was enjoyable; 2 fan-boys (& one rebel girl) “Put On A Show!!”. The production revels in its Juvenile Cheesy-ness. For Fans who don’t take their obsession seriously.

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Review from Joe
123 events 57 reviews

very nice show .

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Doris Bostick
Review from Doris Bostick
49 events 21 reviews

It was cute and entertaining

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Review from Jeanie
29 events 12 reviews

It was funny and entertaining. My family and I enjoyed it.

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Review from Cew
29 events 12 reviews

Very funny show. My friends are SW fans and loved it. I know the basic story and I had a blast. I definitely recommend it to everyone who likes to laugh.

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Phyllis Boland
Review from Phyllis Boland
19 events 11 reviews

This show was hilarious! The actors were very talented, and the songs were fun and catchy. A must see for any Star Wars fan!

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Stephanie Gould
Review from Stephanie Gould
40 events 9 reviews

Not the best. Meant to be a comedy was wasn’t that funny. Singing was average.

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Review from Vj
29 events 8 reviews

Performers too old for juvenile format. Out dated in structure and music production.

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Shumaila Jameel
Review from Shumaila Jameel
32 events 7 reviews

It was amazing and hysterical! The actors were great!

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James Summerville
Review from James Summerville
6 events 5 reviews

Loved it. For super fans or casual fans, it doesn’t matter. The show is extremely entertaining, funny and creative. The actors and actress are very likable. Overall, a very good experience. Highly recommend it.

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Review from Sam
17 events 3 reviews

Creative, Very funny and witty humor!

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Review from Luv
70 events 3 reviews

It was funny. I’m not a Star Wars super fan , but I thought it was entertaining.

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James Worlin
Review from James Worlin
3 events 3 reviews

So much fun!
These guys are talented!

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David Feldman
Review from David Feldman
13 events 3 reviews

This might be the worst thing you could see live right now. Not clever. Not fun. Uncomfortable, at best. I felt sorry for the performers and the audience.

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Jill Daggon
Review from Jill Daggon
2 events 2 reviews

basement theater with stacking chairs for seating. "doors" open 15 min before show. The 3 Actors showed up 25 min (1 even later) before the show.
Very campy, middle schoolish (on purpose). Lighting and sound were fine.

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Myrna Thomas
Review from Myrna Thomas
3 events 2 reviews

I attended with my son, who is a HUGE Star Wars fan. I'm not, but I'm familiar with the entire franchise. What fun this show was! I laughed (my son laughed too!) Show is smart, funny, witty, simple sets, with a talented cast! Go see...continued

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Diane Sumethasorn
Review from Diane Sumethasorn
13 events 2 reviews

I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars so most of the jokes went over my head completely. Regardless, the good acting and singing saved me from falling asleep. I would recommend it to Star Wars fan, if you're unsure, maybe it's not the show for you.

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Roberta Alper
Review from Roberta Alper
2 events 2 reviews

It was boring. There was no real plot. It didn't have much to do with Star Wars.

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