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Review from Lindsey
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Incredible - actors were amazing, the staff were friendly and helpful, and every seat is a good one. Great community theater.

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Sylvia Schoenbaum
Review from Sylvia Schoenbaum
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It was a wonderful production. The acting was excellent and provoked an audible response from the audience which added to the power of the play and its portrayal of the wretched socio-economic condition of the family in the play. Our two teenagers...continued

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Maria Renata Gangemi
Review from Maria Renata Gangemi
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It was an excellent experience. The theater is small and the atmosphere very intimate which made my experience more intense. The acting was very strong and I felt each moment of the story. Great performance. In fact I am coming back to see In the...continued

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Anna's Perez
Review from Anna's Perez
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It was an amazing performance! We loved it so much we are returning for the other shows!

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Paula Farley
Review from Paula Farley
2 events 1 review

It was EXCELLENT. Took my 19 year old daughter. She Loved it. Gonna watch the original with her so she gets a better understanding of it.

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Review from Aliyah520
13 events 1 review

It was great! Actors were top notch!

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Phadera Gordon
Review from Phadera Gordon
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It was very real, and intense, you can feel what every character was feeling. Also made me laugh!! I truly enjoyed.

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Review from Nicnichwall
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Loved the show, the actors are talented. I am getting tickets to their other productions.

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Ellen Mihovics
Review from Ellen Mihovics
2 events 1 review

Most intimate and powerful representation of this play I ever saw.

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Emily Spitznagle
Review from Emily Spitznagle
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My favorite play was beautifully brought to life by the talented Harlem Repertory Co. in a small, intimate theatre with a lively, present audience (the best way to see a show!). Lena Younger is the scene-stealer here but I appreciated the entire...continued

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Celeste La Perla Pandhi
Review from Celeste La Perla Pandhi
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One of the best plays I have ever seen. The actors were powerful and thought provoking. They expressed the characters with skill, depth and compassion. This is a must see!

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Jane Daffe
Review from Jane Daffe
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Outstanding performances from the cast. In particular, Lena was exceptional. I would definitely recommend the Harlem Rep Theatre to a friend, what a great organisation!

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Sallyanne DaSilva
Review from Sallyanne DaSilva
5 events 1 review

Performance was as good if not better than any on broadway production.

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Grace Campbell-Hay
Review from Grace Campbell-Hay
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Please go and see this show!!! The cast is absolutely amazing!!! The story is moving and you won’t believe that you’ve gotten an Off Broadway caliber show for a fraction of the cost. Simply amazing show!

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Jamaal Eggleston
Review from Jamaal Eggleston
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Powerful acting!

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Review from Star.eu88
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Some of the grereast acting I've ever seen. Multiple times throughout the show I felt chills run up and down my back. The amazing actors combined with an unbelievable moving and timeless story, coupled with a cool, intimate performance setting...continued

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Kobie Colemon
Review from Kobie Colemon
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Talented, dedicated actors in an intimate setting. Innovative take on classic theater, but remained true to source material. The best in live entertainment, with an important message for social justice.

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Carol Forbes
Review from Carol Forbes
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The acting was excellent. The theater was beautiful. I had such a great time. I plan to attend more events at the HRT. I didn't know what to expect and I loved very minute of it.

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alice berger
Review from alice berger
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The acting was fantastic; audience very engaged and the passion and commitment of the actors was palpable. The strength of the play continues today. Great choice and a wonderful evening.

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Arsenia Barias
Review from Arsenia Barias
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The cast of A Raisin In The Sun is just AMAZING and I recommend this play to everyone that I know!!!

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