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Lissette Vallejo
Review from Lissette Vallejo
61 events 25 reviews

Fantastic! They were all wonderful actors but the mother was phenomenal! I felt her emotions the entire time

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yanat Manpobre
Review from yanat Manpobre
50 events 22 reviews

A real treat
The classic play came alive with wonderful acting and staging
This was a great night at the theater for me.
Can't wait to see more productions by this talented group.

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Review from Joyo
35 events 20 reviews

The actors were superb!! It was a fantastic show!! I'm definitely making plans to see it again and bring my friends. This show is well worth seeing more than once!

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Review from Joyo
35 events 20 reviews

The actors were superb!! Phenomenal cast!!
I loved it so much, I bought additional tickets for my family. I saw it twice.

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Elaine Jurumbo
Review from Elaine Jurumbo
79 events 17 reviews

It was beautifully done. The actors were excellent and the staging
interesting. Highly recommend.

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Jillian D.
Review from Jillian D.
30 events 17 reviews

The cast was great. A difficult show to put on with the duration of scenes and the dialogue. Moving! Just dress in layers-it was cool outside but HOT throughout the performance.

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Review from besosdefuego2004
89 events 15 reviews

It was a great show! I've seen a few shows here and they never disappoint.

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Review from nicole
33 events 15 reviews

the actors were great. i almost forgot i wasn't on broadway. i will be back for more shows

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Review from Michelle
79 events 14 reviews

Awesome show!!!!!?

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Review from Petals
52 events 14 reviews

I loved it. This theatre company always does a great job. Wonderful performances.

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Review from selfcurledgirl
23 events 11 reviews

Great acting great space. Heartwarming story.

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Njoki Whitley
Review from Njoki Whitley
23 events 11 reviews

I loved it. This is a play that I have seen several times, but found this rendition riveting. A must see for those that have seen it before and for those who haven't.

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Review from Reek
45 events 11 reviews

Omg!!show was amazing. I enjoy myself. Everyone was very talented and gifted. Can't wait to see how much this production will grow.

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Lisa Siegal
Review from Lisa Siegal
59 events 10 reviews

Great show. It was my first time at the HRT. It's easy to get to, and it's a nice venue. The acting was excellent.

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Review from Diane
29 events 10 reviews

The performance was superb. The acting was flawless from all including the grandson. It's better than Broadway. I would see it several times and recommend that others attend this phenomenonal performance. It's a MUST see, BRAVO TO ALL THE...continued

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Review from Connie
14 events 10 reviews

The presentation was absolutely fantastic. I had great seats on the 2nd row which felt like I was right there in the scene with the actors who were phenomenal. The props/scenery was very basic but did not deter from the presentation in the least....continued

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Melinda Penn-Fagan
Review from Melinda Penn-Fagan
33 events 9 reviews

The acting was superb!!! It blew me away.. Not a bad seat in the house.

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Review from Jessi
16 events 8 reviews

Amazing! A must see! The acting was powerful! Will be going back for other plays.

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Jim Eigo
Review from Jim Eigo
12 events 8 reviews

I chose to sit onstage for Harlem Rep’s revival of "A Raisin in the Sun" & found this community-based production of this landmark play—for both the American theater & the African-American theater—very moving. The 1959 play, emerging in the middle...continued

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Review from Ro
16 events 8 reviews

I sat in the very first row in the middle and that enabled me to catch every theatric :). At the end the audience gave a standing ovation. The temperature was comfortable inside so no jacket was needed. There was a 10 min intermission.

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