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Ismael Ortiz Jr
Review from Ismael Ortiz Jr
20 events 7 reviews

It was an Amazing experience! A very powerful and Amazing display of talent. Broadway Quality performance without the Broadway price! Worth every cent and more..... Perfect place for introducing your children to the arts!

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Jacqueline Ivey
Review from Jacqueline Ivey
11 events 6 reviews


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Lani Rountree
Review from Lani Rountree
23 events 6 reviews

Absolutely amazing and powerful!

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Monika Boros
Review from Monika Boros
22 events 6 reviews

Absolutely wonderful! Great acting, the play is a gem. A must see!

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Lani Rountree
Review from Lani Rountree
23 events 6 reviews

Awesome show!

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Vilma Deliz
Review from Vilma Deliz
47 events 6 reviews

Brilliant acting!!

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Nicole Edinboro
Review from Nicole Edinboro
14 events 6 reviews

Excellent performance. Talented group of actors

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Elaine Rogers
Review from Elaine Rogers
18 events 6 reviews

Great performances in a small intimate setting. A bargain at any price.

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Denise Williams
Review from Denise Williams
6 events 6 reviews

It was like being surrounded by cast great actor and friendly atmosphere great welcome coming

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Eida del Risco
Review from Eida del Risco
57 events 6 reviews

It was my first time at Harlem Repertory. I went with my family: my husband, my 18-year old son, and 14-year old daughter. You know how difficult it is to reconcile these different tastes. Well, all of us enjoy the play. We were sad, we laugh, we...continued

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Teresa Buckingham-Knight
Review from Teresa Buckingham-Knight
5 events 6 reviews

Love the play. Cast was great. Show was fantastic. So worth the money. Go see it. It's a must

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Crystal Roberts
Review from Crystal Roberts
17 events 6 reviews

Outstanding performances! These actors truly brought their characters to life. I really enjoyed it and would see it again!!

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Review from Kyr
11 events 6 reviews

This was an excellent reproduction of a timeless story. A must see! The actors all put their heart and soul into interpreting the story and characters taking you on an emotional roller coaster. You will, cry and most of all celebrate this...continued

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Review from Delores
73 events 5 reviews

Amazing acting from all the cast members. Mario Brown gave an outstanding performance, I saw this production on Broadway with Sean Combs and I was more impressed with the acting of Mario. Great production...That cast is certainly moving on up!

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Nadine Pearson
Review from Nadine Pearson
10 events 5 reviews

Excellent performance. A Raisin In The Sun is one of my favorite plays. The Harlem Repertory Theatre is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues. So, for me, being able to finally witness Raisin at HRT, on October 14, 2017, was priceless....continued

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Review from Twall
14 events 5 reviews

Excellent acting; great take on a tried and true classic.

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Carla Thomas-McClain
Review from Carla Thomas-McClain
39 events 5 reviews
Adrienne Smalls
Review from Adrienne Smalls
10 events 5 reviews

I arrived early and was able to get a great seat in general seating I did not have to worry about Premier seating the theater is quite small so any place you said it's perfectly fine. This is my second time going to the theater and I absolutely...continued

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Parrick Sanon
Review from Parrick Sanon
17 events 5 reviews

Nice cozy little venue.
Actors were great.
"Ruth" is beautiful.
A nice depiction of life of a black family in Chicago from the mid 1900s. A great alternative to the silver screen and not as expensive as th other options in the area.


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Review from lee
92 events 5 reviews

Still relevant after 1959 Broadway debut. The struggle, the racism, the hardships of poverty and the power and love of a family to rise above everything that tells them
a better life is not possible. Based on the Langston Hughes poem, A Dream...continued

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