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Catherine Doran
Review from Catherine Doran
10 events 1 review

Amazing! Superb acting. Highly recommend.

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Kathleen Benitez
Review from Kathleen Benitez
4 events 1 review

An amazing performance! I wish more people would support the talented artists in Harlem.

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Review from famontano1981
5 events 1 review

An excellent production by an excellent company!

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Review from angie
2 events 1 review

An intimate venue with highly talented actors. Intense, emotion packed performances will bring you to tears. And for the price, bring you’re whole family and more for a great night out!

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Jo Ann Thompson Lawrence
Review from Jo Ann Thompson Lawrence
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Jemal Herald
Review from Jemal Herald
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Review from Sarah
4 events 1 review

Beautiful! What struck me about this production was how much empathy the actors had for their characters, and how that meant that each emotion and every relationship felt real.

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Review from Day
7 events 1 review

Beautiful! Actors were great. Setting was great. Only problem was many distractions occured, other events in the building was veryyyy noisy. At one point group of teenagers walked through the back of the theater to get to their side of the...continued

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Jessenia Morales
Review from Jessenia Morales
1 event 1 review

Cast was amazing! Great performance by all!

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Azar Lucchini
Review from Azar Lucchini
6 events 1 review

Excellent actors in a neighbor theater. We were really impressed by the quality and passion of this play. Please go and see their performances and support this grassroots efforts to bring these performances to Harlem.

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Nalini Sahadeo
Review from Nalini Sahadeo
6 events 1 review

Excellent performance.

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Norman Williams
Review from Norman Williams
1 event 1 review

Excellent performance. Great..Njoyed!!!

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Sandra Childs
Review from Sandra Childs
11 events 1 review

Excellent performances from the whole cast.

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Cathy Chinnery
Review from Cathy Chinnery
4 events 1 review

EXCELLENT!! I can’t wait to see another production at this theater

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Fern Sulzer
Review from Fern Sulzer
1 event 1 review

Fabulous! Had a great time. Already recommended to friends and they are looking forward to seeing the show.

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Kris Jimenez
Review from Kris Jimenez
8 events 1 review

Fantastic acting! Small theatre, dont let the minimalist environment sway you. I mean it was incredibly powerful, all the actors were incredible. Especially the actors that play Walter Lee and Mama...omg. A must see!

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Review from 10583
19 events 1 review

Fantastic actors, fantastic presentation. The whole family loved the show. My two young ones, age 6 and 8 enjoyed as well.

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florangel cabrera
Review from florangel cabrera
9 events 1 review

Great actors/actresses. Very intimate setting! Great play.

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Iesha Bryant
Review from Iesha Bryant
2 events 1 review

Great cast & Awesome production....Kudos to Keith for directing such perfection!

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Eldred Fourie
Review from Eldred Fourie
1 event 1 review

Great performance! We enjoyed the production and commend the performers and staff for putting up such an excellent show.

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