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Deborah R. Clark
Review from Deborah R. Clark
Red Velvet 208 events 134 reviews

I took my teenage grandson to see Avenue Q, he stated that that was the best puppet show that he ever seen in his lifetime. He totally enjoyed it.

We sat on the top level and saw quite well onto the stage. This show is not recommended for young...continued

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Robin Toblin Blumberg
Review from Robin Toblin Blumberg
Red Velvet 127 events 100 reviews

Very enjoyable time! Funny songs and a good cast.

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Dan Kagan
Review from Dan Kagan
Red Velvet 162 events 98 reviews


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Review from ArtF.
Red Velvet 127 events 91 reviews

Still funny, relevant and irreverent after so many years.

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Review from Sherri
Red Velvet 32 events 15 reviews

Smart, honest, sarcastic and ridiculous. It points us at ourselves, and our culture and makes us realize how how absurb (and funny) stereotypes can be. Great cast and voices. Found the puppets a little too distracting on occasion, but all told a...continued

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Review from PAUL
Red Velvet 29 events 14 reviews

Great fun-couldn't stop laughing! I still don't understand why parents bring 7 or 8 years old to a show like this. Even with my cautionary remark, I highly recommend this experience.

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Susan Duberstein
Review from Susan Duberstein
Red Velvet 45 events 14 reviews

Great performances!

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Alexander Wilson
Review from Alexander Wilson
Red Velvet 5 events 3 reviews

Very good show. An adult version of Sesame Street which tackles some complex issues of life in a humorous manner.

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Review from Charles
Red Velvet 4 events 2 reviews

I took my teenage son to this performance for the first time & I have to say we had a great time... the characters & the story were amazing & very relevant for the times we r living in...trust me u will have a blast & will not be able to contain...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
Red Velvet 1 event 1 review

I took the whole family to see the show not knowing what to expect and it was sure unexpected. My very conservative mom of European decent was laughing, my 21 year old daughter and her friend where hysterical laughing and so was my 14 year old...continued

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Elise Ayeh
Review from Elise Ayeh
Red Velvet 29 events 1 review

Show was good, great cast. Smallish theater. The front rows are actually not the best seats (I was in the 2nd row) as it can be hard to see everything the actors are doing with the puppets.

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music diva
Review from music diva
236 events 97 reviews

This play was beautiful! I would say that it was art imitating life. The actors were great.

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music diva
Review from music diva
236 events 97 reviews

This show was a lot of fun. I laughed through the entire show.

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karen hartig
Review from karen hartig
192 events 69 reviews

It was funny, very entertaining.

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Review from Siwckc
75 events 29 reviews

I've seen Ave Q a few times and every time I feel the same. I love it. After a while you forget that the puppets are being manipulated by people. The cast is talented.
Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy...Sesame Street it ain't Lol

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Stella Ansalone
Review from Stella Ansalone
82 events 26 reviews

Avenue Q was cute and funny with the puppets. It's about finding your purpose. Different characters helping a few others with different views on finding your purpose. I recoomened this show.

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Jeffrey Katz
Review from Jeffrey Katz
32 events 26 reviews

Fabulous 4th row center seats from Goldstar.
I'm not a musical fan, but this was a truly wonderful, challenging, and creative work. Don't miss it!

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Roberto Moz
Review from Roberto Moz
29 events 25 reviews

Hilarious! I was not entirely sold on the idea of watching a puppet show but this play completely changed my mind. Yes the are puppets, but there is some phenomenal acting and singing throughout. A must see.

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Review from Malv
37 events 23 reviews

I honestly thought it was going to be a kid's show with the puppets but it was far from it. Some parts were very suggestive so I was hoping no children were in the audience. It was a fun show and the cast is incredibly talented.

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Antonio F.
Review from Antonio F.
46 events 23 reviews

I've saw this play a few times and loved it. The venue is wonderful as well.

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