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Review from Carmen
Red Velvet 51 events 30 reviews

I loved this play. The music was brilliant but songs s Carole king. Theatre was fantastic. I treated myself to New York play. The audience was so supportive and friendly. I hope this play comes to Atlanta and I will go again with the memory of the...continued

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Review from harriet
Red Velvet 16 events 6 reviews

I loved it ....had trouble sitting still in my seat , wanted to get up and move ......

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Sandra Mortel
Review from Sandra Mortel
Red Velvet 23 events 6 reviews

Loved it! Went with my husband. He can be quite difficult when it comes to those kind of events and he loved it. Great performance!!!

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Margaret Kelly
Review from Margaret Kelly
Red Velvet 8 events 2 reviews

Fantastic show, amazing talent and perfect seat.

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kecia d thompson
Review from kecia d thompson
Red Velvet 4 events 1 review

My husband I were celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary month. What a great show.

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Brenda Brown
Review from Brenda Brown
Red Velvet 20 events 1 review

Show was great. Absolutely enjoyed it.?

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music diva
Review from music diva
222 events 95 reviews

Awesome. That's was it's called "Beautiful."

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music diva
Review from music diva
222 events 95 reviews

This musical was awesome. Thank you Goldstar.

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Denise Galon
Review from Denise Galon
115 events 43 reviews

The best show I seen in years on Broadway. The woman playing Carol King has a wonderful pathos in her voice that is magical. Great night!

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mary cerrone
Review from mary cerrone
63 events 42 reviews

She wrote all of great sings before she became a singer.

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Callista Bessellieu
Review from Callista Bessellieu
62 events 40 reviews

Excellent Singing!

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Judy Beacon Kantor
Review from Judy Beacon Kantor
49 events 22 reviews

Loved it! There were quite a few understudies in it, including the lead, but it was great.

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Review from Malv
36 events 21 reviews

Very entertaining show. Loved all the songs. Bittersweet moments in her life that made her into the singer/song writer she became.

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Review from Joyo
33 events 17 reviews

The singing, dancing, set design and story line was superb for Beautiful!! I loved it from beginning to end and I found myself eagerly smiling, while mouthing the words to the songs!! Highly recommended!!

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Tim Martin
Review from Tim Martin
45 events 15 reviews

Sometimes I just don't get why shows are so successful. I mean, it was fine... but I was so boring and predictable and they REALLY had to force some of those songs to work in the moment... ugh... whatever...

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Randy Dautel
Review from Randy Dautel
21 events 15 reviews

The show was very well done. The sets and costumes were amazing. It was a very good story of Carole's musical life. The singing was very good from the groups that sang her songs. Carole's voice does behold the purity of the real Carole's voice...continued

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Divine Ms
Review from Divine Ms
17 events 14 reviews

Had GREAT seats, enjoyed every minute of the show, very entertaining and informative, so glad I went.

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Review from dressofine
33 events 14 reviews

Heart warming. Shows the struggles of perseverance and that impossible is never an option.

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Felicia Velez
Review from Felicia Velez
17 events 14 reviews

My friends from out of the county enjoyed the show tremendously. The seats assigned were very good. From the time of pick up tickets to end of show, all was very well done and convenient for all. Thank you for the great job you guys do in making a...continued

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Review from Vogue
99 events 12 reviews

It was even better the second time around!

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