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Felicia Velez
Review from Felicia Velez
17 events 14 reviews

My friends from out of the county enjoyed the show tremendously. The seats assigned were very good. From the time of pick up tickets to end of show, all was very well done and convenient for all. Thank you for the great job you guys do in making a...continued

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Review from kelauggie
18 events 12 reviews

What a wonderful show! Full of songs we know and non stop action - the voices were great, and the live orchestra was superb! Glad this is a story about Carole King's rise to stardom and not just a bunch of song performances. I would recommend...continued

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Review from lynda
19 events 11 reviews

It was awesome

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Craig Gariepy
Review from Craig Gariepy
19 events 11 reviews

Music, Acting, Music-- What a story and Musical

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Annemarie Golden
Review from Annemarie Golden
56 events 10 reviews

Great show especially if you grew up with the songs. Unusual aspect of this theater is balcony is street level so you have to walk down one flight of stairs for the mezzanine seats and two flights of stairs for orchestra seats. Seats were great in...continued

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Mary J Keane
Review from Mary J Keane
45 events 9 reviews

best musical I seen in years so happy I did not miss it JUST GREAT

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Karen Blackstone Johnson
Review from Karen Blackstone Johnson
15 events 8 reviews

Great seats and a good time! Thanks again GoldStar!

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Review from Adriana
17 events 8 reviews

I was enjoying the show. This women was fantastic writing and singing.I will tell my friends to go to see the show.

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Review from deejay
20 events 8 reviews

The songs brought back many memories! Staging and music great!

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Review from candy
14 events 8 reviews

We were a group of 8 adults, seated in last two rows of the mezzanine, rows HH and JJ. Great view of a great show. We all loved it. Bravo!

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Rebecca Leifkes
Review from Rebecca Leifkes
29 events 7 reviews

Best show I have ever seen! Singing was fabulous...so entertaining. I loved every minute of it!!

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Tanya Rios
Review from Tanya Rios
13 events 7 reviews

The show was fun and upbeat with great music! A wonderful musical journey!

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Sandra Mortel
Review from Sandra Mortel
24 events 6 reviews

Loved it! Went with my husband. He can be quite difficult when it comes to those kind of events and he loved it. Great performance!!!

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Review from nata
22 events 6 reviews

One of the best musicals in broadway that I have ever seen, and I have seen about 30 or so. Excellent music, great story line, deeply moving.

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Diane Conte Kupelnick
Review from Diane Conte Kupelnick
10 events 6 reviews

Outstanding!!! You can’t beat listening to Carole King music preformed by Chilina Kennedy, Kara Lindsay, Ben Jacoby & cast. They were so pitch perfect I was swept away. If you only have a few shows to see, make this a priority.

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Kelley Wright
Review from Kelley Wright
13 events 6 reviews

What a fun show! Beautiful sets, costumes and performances! My seat was terrific too; orchestra center at a very affordable price.

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Leah Canzoneri
Review from Leah Canzoneri
29 events 5 reviews

A must see

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Nevett R. Smith
Review from Nevett R. Smith
19 events 5 reviews

Great show. Good seats.

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Juana Cruz Koda
Review from Juana Cruz Koda
7 events 5 reviews

I enjoyed all the songs as they reminded me of my own life when they were so popular. Loved it.

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Carla Thomas-McClain
Review from Carla Thomas-McClain
24 events 5 reviews

I loved it my seats were great. The show was amazing. I would see it again.

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