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Nancy Sutin Fischbein
Review from Nancy Sutin Fischbein
33 events 5 reviews

It was pure pleasure. We loved it!

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Christine Ferrari
Review from Christine Ferrari
12 events 4 reviews

A great evening! The music was fantastic. Very hard not to sing along. Story was well done. Was sorry when the show ended.

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Review from Ana
12 events 4 reviews

Beautiful story, spectacular cast, wonderful music; hit after hit....

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Review from Alex
14 events 4 reviews

It was fantastic! Saw it with my 14 year old and she loved it! Seats were perfect! What a deal!

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Review from Jeff
47 events 4 reviews

Music was great but seats were terrible. 2nd to last row. I might as well have been sitting outside of the theatre!

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Review from Priscilla
8 events 4 reviews

My husband and I loved the show. It reminded us of our dating years.
We loved the songs and all the singers were fabulous. Very well done.

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Review from cynthiagwynn
17 events 4 reviews

Riveting!!! My daughter and I went for our birthdays this is a winner

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Review from Linhart
10 events 4 reviews

So easy.... printed confirmation, showed it to the ticket office, got ny seats!! Not bad seating for seats I didn't get to select! Was leery but it worked out fine! Great experience!

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Daniela Conti
Review from Daniela Conti
12 events 4 reviews

The music was great!!! The singing and acting were amazing. The whole production was very well done. Beware - the seats in the theater are pretty small. Ladies, no worries, the bathroom line during the intermission moves quickly.

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Hap Pardo
Review from Hap Pardo
8 events 3 reviews

Great show, the music of Carole King is always fantastic. Highly recommend - very funny and entertaining!

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Review from Mberk@Aol.Com
19 events 3 reviews
Review from Lyn
9 events 3 reviews

I loved it. Act II was so moving that it brought tears to my eyes.

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Fern Eagle
Review from Fern Eagle
5 events 3 reviews

It was a lot more than just a compilation of Carole Kong’s music. The songs have new meaning after seeing the context under which each was written.

The music (and singing) was great. Loved it all-around!

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Bob Kenny
Review from Bob Kenny
19 events 3 reviews

Terrific the best musical I've seen in a long time!!

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Thomas Ritter
Review from Thomas Ritter
6 events 3 reviews

The musical was fantastic, both the performers and the music. I never realized that Carole King wrote so many songs that were huge hits by other artists before she started singing herself. I would highly recommend this play to anyone who loves music.

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Stephen Gladstone
Review from Stephen Gladstone
3 events 3 reviews

Wonderful show , great music... staging was special. You will have a great time.

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El Sunshine
Review from El Sunshine
4 events 2 reviews

Aptly named musical. The songs are the story of every boomer's life.

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Review from Marji
5 events 2 reviews
Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

From beginning to end, this musical kept me engaged and very much interested in the story of Carole King's life. The whole performance was really well done.

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Review from Anah
30 events 2 reviews

Great cast, voices and numbers, truly a beautiful play, seats were on the very far left this time, but still close, thanks Goldstar

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