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Paola Bulloch
Review from Paola Bulloch
Red Velvet 384 events 11 reviews

4 STARS -- Awesome show.. Awesome venue

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Review from Shayana
35 events 15 reviews

It was a lot of fun! I loved it !

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Review from stacutie74
39 events 5 reviews

It was highly entertaining! The guys can really sing & perform!

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Review from Josie
41 events 3 reviews

Incredible show with talented performers! My best friend and I had an amazing time singing along to our favorite songs. Definitely a must do and repeat!

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Tamra Sheehan
Review from Tamra Sheehan
6 events 3 reviews

My friends and I had so much fun, what could be better than boy band music, fab choreography, cute boys, and pretty harmonies? nothing! Can't wait to come back again.

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Pennie Lee Cordobes
Review from Pennie Lee Cordobes
4 events 3 reviews

So much fun! Great show by very talented guys! Food was good also!

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Annette Rodriguez
Review from Annette Rodriguez
7 events 3 reviews

This is a great show - it will take you back to a time where things were just fun. Everyone sings along and if you come in a group you're bound to have an even better time. Great for all ages.

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Keith Walker
Review from Keith Walker
4 events 2 reviews

Extremely good almost like watching the bands themselves.

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Amani Shahin
Review from Amani Shahin
5 events 2 reviews

It was so much fun! My girls and I went here during our girls weekend in NYC and it was a perfect end to the weekend. Their voices are unbelievable and they played every song we knew and loved. Great job!

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Daisy Espinoza
Review from Daisy Espinoza
24 events 2 reviews

My daughter and I loved the show!! Brought us both back to classic songs sung by our favorite groups.. Going to see it again with my co-workers....

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

Great show. It was a fun time. The guys really engaged the audience and had tremendous voices along with awesome dance moves. It was a wonderful throwback to my teenage years.

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Leah McLaughlin
Review from Leah McLaughlin
4 events 1 review

Highly recommend this show! The boys are SO talented – we had a fantastic time. Will definitely go again!

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Heather Schwam
Review from Heather Schwam
1 event 1 review

I have not had that much fun in a long time
It was a awesome!! Highly recommended!!!

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Courtney Kennedy
Review from Courtney Kennedy
3 events 1 review

My friend and I made a last minute decision to go to this show. Best decision ever! It was a blast!! Would highly recommend.

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Jessica Friedman
Review from Jessica Friedman
2 events 1 review

So much fun! The guys were very talented. Great voices and they did a wonderful job engaging the crowd. I recommend to others!

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Jaime Daura
Review from Jaime Daura
2 events 1 review

Speaking with other people we all came to the conclusion that you should mention Brunch NOT Included!!
Prices weren’t bad but we all thought it was included!

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Karen Odell
Review from Karen Odell
2 events 1 review

The show was great , just wish it was a little longer.

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