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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 693 events 218 reviews

Nice musical. Sound was not optimal, though, since several singers were hard to understand in the mezzanine.

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music diva
Review from music diva
258 events 100 reviews

Awesome. Thank you Goldstar.

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music diva
Review from music diva
258 events 100 reviews

The show was great. I had a good time, but I would advise anyone who's purchasing a ticket to try for Orchestra. Lots of stairs for the mezzanine.

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Deena Evergreen
Review from Deena Evergreen
99 events 56 reviews

The play was less than what I expected. The strange thing is that while the first half of the play was going on there were two people sitting in front of us that were sleeping, and I had to fight sleep. The seats were extremely tight ( I am...continued

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Callista Bessellieu
Review from Callista Bessellieu
62 events 41 reviews

*FANTASTIC* Performance!

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Review from TheatreGuy
112 events 37 reviews

The production was good and the orchestra and performance crew were fantastic. However the orchestra seat was uncomfortable because of the blocked view due to person in front of me. Rows are very closely arranged.
The weakest parts of the...continued

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Review from Susan
45 events 27 reviews

I have seen Chicago several times over the years including the initial cast and this just was not as good.....the person playing Billy might be a superstar in the TV world but not for this role...his voice was good but he is not a "hoofer" and...continued

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Mariam Traore
Review from Mariam Traore
52 events 26 reviews

Stunning wow

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Peter Simonetti
Review from Peter Simonetti
52 events 25 reviews

Very enjoyable. Some of the dialogue was hard to hear in the back mezzanine.

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Review from AK
61 events 23 reviews

My seat was a little higher than I expected but I was able to move down (twice) to better seats in the mezzanine (balcony) . . . There were a lot of empty seats . . . performance was good . . .

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Review from NIK
20 events 19 reviews

I went on a Sunday afternoon and found a free street parking just a few blocks away. The women's bathrm line was long but it moved fast. I was quickly directed to my seat. It was tight just like most theaters. I sat in the mezzanine center. ...continued

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Mary E. Collin
Review from Mary E. Collin
53 events 18 reviews

We had seen Chicago many years ago and loved it. This production even exceeded that one's. The dancing is phenomenal and the acting superb.

Even the theater staff are friendly and go above/beyond! They really enjoy their job.

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Elaine Jurumbo
Review from Elaine Jurumbo
83 events 17 reviews

Got a seat upgrade. The first act was a little too long and slow, but the second act was great. Good performances.

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n h A
Review from n h A
25 events 16 reviews

Good seats, good music, nice dancing

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Jocelyn Britt
Review from Jocelyn Britt
38 events 16 reviews

The Play was absolutely wonderful, but the chairs were very cramped and uncomfortable.

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Review from dressofine
33 events 14 reviews

entertaining from beginning to end.

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Review from chrisbiamonte
27 events 13 reviews

Chicago is a great Broadway Show. The Ambassador Theater is a smaller venue, so every seat in the house is good. Our Goldstar seats were in the balcony, a few rows back and dead center. Tickets were very easy to pick up at will call. We had a...continued

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Review from stella
24 events 13 reviews

Music and dancing was very good. However very disappointed in the staging and costuming. They didn't put much effort into it. Not as good at the original Bway production. However, still worth seeing at the right price

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Review from freeindeed789
60 events 12 reviews

Exuberant performance. Artistry perfected. Devotion to craft undeniable. Riveting, and absolutely captivating. Did not look away for a second so afraid I might miss something. a must see. Take someone you love with you, they will be talking about...continued

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Review from chubby
31 events 12 reviews

It was a such an entertaining and well performed show! Went with my two teenage boys and they were totally engaged and loved it. I would recommend this show in a heartbeat! Great dancing, singing and storyline.

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