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Shyiesha Watson
Review from Shyiesha Watson
25 events 9 reviews

Amazing time and amazing seats! The actors were funny and well rehearsed.

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Review from Tonmilv
17 events 9 reviews

no my type of musical, great singing, great vocals but stage does not change like other musicals. like I said, good musical but no my type of musical.

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Review from Nygia
30 events 9 reviews

The theater seats are a bit small no leg room, but the show was awesome. The actors were excellent and hilarious.

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Review from Bia
16 events 8 reviews

Show was absolutely what I expected! Great seats :)

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Review from Andrea
24 events 7 reviews

Great show, I got the nose bleed seats, so no surprise there. It helps if you watch the movie before seeing the show.

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Review from jileneg
13 events 7 reviews

I sat in the back however I was very comfortable and saw everything going on had a great view actually. Well worth it. go see it!!

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Gloria Rodriguez
Review from Gloria Rodriguez
13 events 6 reviews

great show, funny and the dancing is awesome. Because it was a Sat Matinee, the theatre was not full and I was able to move down for a much better view. Snacks are super expensive, $5.00 for a mini size pringles or M & M, bring your own.

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Carmelo Gonzalez
Review from Carmelo Gonzalez
23 events 6 reviews

I saw this show many times and I love this show, but this time the main actors weren't good at all. They were dry as a bone.

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Andrew Vollero
Review from Andrew Vollero
21 events 6 reviews

I've seen the show three times in the last year, and this was the least enjoyable. Mel B was weak--she's not a Broadway performer in any sense. And we were unfortunate to have a substitute Billy Flynn, who was only OK.

And I'd appreciat it if a...continued

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Review from maria
8 events 5 reviews

Chicago was really good: the dancing was excellent, acting was great, story was hilarious. I am glad we finally got around to seeing this classic master-piece. We went to a mid-week evening show. To our surprise, there were large tourist...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 5 reviews

Such a fun show. Mel B was great!

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edward ferraro
Review from edward ferraro
11 events 5 reviews

the show and tickets were great...gave them to our daughter and husband for there anniversary...they had a wonderful time. Goldstar has never disappointed...

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Amy Vincento
Review from Amy Vincento
13 events 5 reviews

Was a great deal for a great show. Thoroughly enjoyed. Can't beat this deal for a Broadway classic!

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Gina Doost Fransen
Review from Gina Doost Fransen
24 events 5 reviews

We got so lucky with our Goldstar seats! These tickets were so pricey on other sites. The show was beautiful and we had an extra special surprise from Cuba Gooding JR at the end.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews
Lisa Campanaro
Review from Lisa Campanaro
10 events 4 reviews

Great seats!!! Wonderful show!!!
Loved the. cast, especially Erika Jayne

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Maddy H-R.
Review from Maddy H-R.
10 events 4 reviews

It was lovely. I loved the music and the actors and actresses did an amazing job.

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Patricia Tully
Review from Patricia Tully
17 events 4 reviews

The show is wonderful. I don't know how the dancers can maintain the energy to do a matinee and evening show on the same day.

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Corinne DiGi
Review from Corinne DiGi
4 events 4 reviews

We had been expecting a much better production. Roxy was very disappointing, so was the stand-in for Billy. The dance numbers were wonderful but the overall show was not at all thrilling, as Broadway can be.

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Keith Brownlee
Review from Keith Brownlee
6 events 4 reviews

We picked up our tickets at 11am. Show was very good. Staff was very friendly.

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