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Review from Maerose
Red Velvet 49 events 12 reviews

Just Keeps Getting Better!
This is the quintessential Christmas in New York show, a joyous production. The Rockettes are the stars of the show. Only one block from the Christmas tree and ice skaters at Rockefeller Center, St Patrick’s Cathedral,...continued

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Review from Maerose
Red Velvet 49 events 12 reviews

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular just keeps getting better and better.
Love the increased presence of the Rockettes, the real stars of the show!
Wonderful five star family entertainment!

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music diva
Review from music diva
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Thanks, Goldstar

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music diva
Review from music diva
256 events 100 reviews

Great Show.

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Review from Donna
37 events 26 reviews

Great show in a spectacular venue. Rockettes, orchestra, other dancers, singers, 3D video segment, ice skaters, and Santa set the scene for Christmas in NYC.
Get there early to claim your tickets but make sure you're in the Will Call line.

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Review from J A
34 events 22 reviews

Awesome experience. Long time waiting to see the Rockettes. I was in 3rd Mezzanine and the view was spectacular. This is definitely something that my family will see annually as tradition. I have my Santa Hat and 3D sunglasses...wow!

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Stephen Villano
Review from Stephen Villano
19 events 15 reviews

The Show was Spectacular as you would expect...However I found a few problems with seeing the show ...1st Goldstar should post a disclaimer that you should get to the show at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the performance due to the...continued

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Katherine Murray Grove
Review from Katherine Murray Grove
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Review from Myself
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My seats were great. The show was such artificial overblown vocals and sound effects that the whole show seemed fake. Was that huge sound actually the tap shoes? Impossible.

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Review from freeindeed789
60 events 12 reviews

Show was amazing. In 3D. Everyone wearing Santa Gats. Awesome day.

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Review from ginab
20 events 11 reviews

The seats were very good. The show was very enjoyable.

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Agua Brendita
Review from Agua Brendita
21 events 10 reviews

Great experience! First time there and I went for opening night. Santa Clause opens the show after taking pictures with people in the lobby upon arrival. My only qualm is that they used live animals for the show and the animals looked super...continued

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Maria Zito-Amato
Review from Maria Zito-Amato
26 events 9 reviews

I loved going into NYC to see the rockettes.

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Diana Bik Boeck
Review from Diana Bik Boeck
41 events 9 reviews

I realize this is 2019 and right wing christianity and the digital age have taken a toll on our intelligence and the art scene but really?
Passing out 3-D glasses so the audience can stay engaged at the dancing animated images projected on the...continued

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Niel Miele
Review from Niel Miele
12 events 8 reviews

Great seats! Goldstar discount (better than Groupon or Travelzoo discount). Thank you.

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Review from D-Smooth
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Stephanie M. Johnson
Review from Stephanie M. Johnson
28 events 7 reviews

After not seeing this show in about 10 years, I took my husband last year. I couldn't understand why it took me so long to return to something so beautiful. So, this year when a friend said she wanted to go, I was thrilled to go with her. This...continued

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Galina Kovaleva
Review from Galina Kovaleva
55 events 7 reviews

Enjoyed the show,brilliant performance for all ages,gives the joy and holiday spirit!

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Review from Queensgirl
28 events 7 reviews

Great show as always. Love the Rockettes and the Living Nativity.

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Katie Batilla
Review from Katie Batilla
15 events 7 reviews

This is the first time our family has attended the Christmas Spectacular and we truly enjoyed the show. I loved that there is a live orchestra and the production was very well done. The kids had a great time and I'm sure we will have to make this...continued

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