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Review from Tasha
Red Velvet 13 events 1 review

Went with really good friends and we had a blast. While it was sometimes hard to hear if the actor was facing another direction, they did a great job of playing to the crowd and making sure everyone had a great time! We were there right on time, I...continued

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music diva
Review from music diva
258 events 100 reviews

I enjoyed it. Full of laughter. However, it is for adults only, because of the language.

Thank you.

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karen hartig
Review from karen hartig
214 events 75 reviews

It was fun.

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Review from Rosette624
46 events 20 reviews

This is a show for drunken frat boys and frat girls. It was so stupid. Glad my ticket was free and I just paid a service fee.

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n h A
Review from n h A
25 events 16 reviews

Fun and audience participation

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Frank G
Review from Frank G
23 events 13 reviews

it was really fun and the cast were great. We laugh and laugh it was a great show.

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Andrew Carlos Teie
Review from Andrew Carlos Teie
34 events 12 reviews

Incredible energy & fun & environment. I even saw this same play - Macbeth - a few months ago with them, but with a different cast it was COMPLETELY different and even better! Drinks are now a bit pricey, however...

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Andres Emilio Soto
Review from Andres Emilio Soto
17 events 11 reviews

Awesome time and performance. They certainly know how to pull in the audience and make it very fun. Great first date spot too if you are into humor and are not coldblooded.

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Joanne Kalfas
Review from Joanne Kalfas
26 events 11 reviews

It was okay-would be better if the actor was actually drinking and not just (badly) acting drunk. Still a fun experience though.

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Andres Emilio Soto
Review from Andres Emilio Soto
17 events 11 reviews

Second time I visited and second time I had a blast. I'd suggest ordering more than 1 beer when you visit though as it could take some time to get the waiter/waitress

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Agua Brendita
Review from Agua Brendita
21 events 10 reviews

If you read the title, DRUNK Shakespeare, then you should know right away that this isn't your typical Shakespearean performance. Upon arrival you get a shot (everclear and Capri-Sun) as you go to your seat. There are menus with drinks scattered...continued

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Randy Blaustein Solomon
Review from Randy Blaustein Solomon
60 events 10 reviews

Too much emphasis on drinking

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Cemre Necef
Review from Cemre Necef
10 events 9 reviews

Great cast, very entertaining and talented actors, and The Lounge has a great vibe. Incredibly worth it.
The only caution I have is: The lounge is located on the 2nd floor, so be ready to climb some stairs.

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Stephanie Gould
Review from Stephanie Gould
40 events 9 reviews

Had such a great time! Show was hysterically funny and the actors were wonderful! The drinks were delicious, although overpriced.

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bonnie ohrnstein
Review from bonnie ohrnstein
37 events 9 reviews

stupid show. Attracts young people who have no real understanding of what theatre is suppose to mean. Cursing and drinking of the actors show a lack of training.

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Review from Alejandro
22 events 8 reviews

Extremely fun and entertaining

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Review from Jackson
41 events 8 reviews

The theater is not a theater per se, more like a library or a reading room. I estimate 50-60 people in the audience. We bought balcony tickets and were given seats up front. The actors did a great job interacting with the audience, from dramatic...continued

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Dorothy McGee
Review from Dorothy McGee
17 events 7 reviews

It was hysterical. Actors were amazing

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C Mac
Review from C Mac
22 events 7 reviews

Super fun immersion theater. The substance was impressively good, as well as fresh and creative.

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Review from LauraLu33
20 events 6 reviews

Exceeded my expectations! The cast was AMAZING!! LOVED IT!

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