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Review from Sarah
16 events 6 reviews

Very creative and funny! It is an informal experience with a Shakespeare play thrown into it - neat experience and worth trying!

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Mardi M
Review from Mardi M
12 events 5 reviews

Had a great time at this show, cast was awesome, laughed alot

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Kiet luong
Review from Kiet luong
289 events 4 reviews

Amazing cast bringing a new perspective to shakespeare. Extremely funny and you laugh till your stomach hurt.

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Juls White
Review from Juls White
9 events 4 reviews

Engaging and fun this experience not only celebrates Shakespear but does so in a way that makes him more accessible to those who maybe have trouble following the language. Great experience!

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Danielle j 87
Review from Danielle j 87
6 events 4 reviews

Good acting

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Scorpio King
Review from Scorpio King
11 events 4 reviews

Had an enjoyable time. The actors were both professional and very funny. Loved the way they integrated the audience into the play. Would recommend it.

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Jen Hildebrandt
Review from Jen Hildebrandt
11 events 4 reviews

It was my 2nd time seeing the show. Beyond knowing some of the jokes already, it was a different experience. The actors changed roles and it felt like a new show. It’s terrible but hysterical!

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R. Jordan
Review from R. Jordan
26 events 4 reviews

These are talented actors who can make you laugh while spouting true Shakespearean dialogue. It's interactive without being threatening (says the introvert), hilariously irreverent, and somewhat (ok completely) off the rails. We saw two big...continued

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Review from Steve
6 events 4 reviews

This "show" is sophomoric, like a fraternity party show. Maybe people who are already drunk will enjoy it, as long as they are under 30.

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Slim Gobbo
Review from Slim Gobbo
14 events 4 reviews

Very funny and entertaining!

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Review from Emily
37 events 4 reviews

Well worth your time. The crew of Shakespearean actors, who clearly love Shakespeare, have found a way to make something 400 years old seem timely and vibrant. We saw Macbeth on 6/2 and we were laughing all the way through. I left feeling like...continued

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Review from Katarina
13 events 3 reviews

AmaZing Funny!! They are incredible!!! I'd always go back! Thank you guys!

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Review from mac49
5 events 3 reviews

Great show ... a thin Shakespearean framework (Macbeth) that provides the opportunity for much comedic improvisation and sketch comedy. And, of course, there was drinking by both the cast and audience.

The actors were clearly enjoying...continued

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Review from KiraI
10 events 3 reviews

I had a great time, the show was silly and had me laughing the whole time. The only thing I have an issue with is that the drinks are absurdly expensive and I bought a "bottled water" that wasn't even sealed, they clearly just filled a water...continued

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Brittany Pierce
Review from Brittany Pierce
5 events 3 reviews

I was lucky enough to see them perform my favorite tragedy, Macbeth. Absolutely hysterical, relevant and accessible. Bought stage tickets, but would probably opt for different seats next time. Overall, a great time.

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Lulu Li
Review from Lulu Li
3 events 3 reviews

It was so much fun! The place was intimate and close, there are no bad seats. All the actors were fantastic and we recommended this to all of our friends! We would definitely go again. They do sell beer and wine there.

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Reggie Bar
Review from Reggie Bar
10 events 3 reviews

More of a party, drinking venue. Expected to at least have period costumes...

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Review from MK
7 events 3 reviews

My friends and I had a blast! The cast introduced themselves to us prior to the play starting which I liked, and they incorporate the audience into the play. I would recommend going. The cocktail drinks were pricey; $13 a cocktail.

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Jason Safford
Review from Jason Safford
6 events 3 reviews

Raucous, outrageous laughter, incredibly witty, silly, absolutely insane fun with a young vibrant cast who interpret Shakespeare for the common fool. About as good as you can get to being vegan and unopinionated! Brilliant!

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Patrick Swan
Review from Patrick Swan
4 events 3 reviews

Raunchy, interactive and silly, but not threatening to the audience. Splendid diversion from one's cares. It helps if you know some Shakespeare, but is not a show stopper if you dont. You might even take up the Bard as a result. Or drinking.

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