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Fun fast paced and drinking centered- my kid of good time

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Review from Dlkostas
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Fun time with lots of modern day themes, impressions, etc woven in with Hamlet. Definitely adult themed with many sexual references.

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Sonja Thayet
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i don't want a profile name
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Great fun couple of hours in a somewhat interactive Shakespeare show. As noted in the other reviews, one of the actors is chosen to imbibe heavily, but the rest of the cast looked pretty relaxed, too. The abridged version of MacBeth was fun to...continued

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Jonathan Schwartz
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Great fun!

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Arlene Dillon
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Great fun, would recommend for a great night out with friends! My sisters and I loved it and had a ton of laughs...the actors are fantastic, the jokes are relevant and funny, and the Shakespeare is actually pretty darn good too:)

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Steven Phipps
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Great fun, such energy. Thank you.

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Audrey Lynch Esc
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Great show! My party laughed themselves silly! Loved the concept even though I'm not well versed in Shakespeare - it didn't matter at all. Actors were top notch. On,y reason I give it 4 stars is that it was sometimes difficult to hear and see the...continued

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Roman Shevorykin
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Great time! Super talented cast, very interactive, and lots of fun. Must see!

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Review from Matt
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Had a great time. Sides hurt from laughing the whole time.

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Marcy Brown
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Hilarious and super fun. So glad we attended!

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Dennis Soliman
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Mona Xu
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Hilarious! Had a fantastic time!

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Bill Anello
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Hillarious, from beginning to end a fun time. Definitely going back again!

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Alicia Applesauce
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I assumed the actors wouldn't be PRETENDING to be drunk. It was not funny, getting into the auditorium was a nightmare, service was awful, and no one seemed to know what was going on that worked there. $79 dollars for one of the worst...continued

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Thomas Batiuk
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I did not know what to expect. I was completely blown away. There was a little alcohol that loosened one of the performers show, but everyone provided great entertainment and talent. The venue was excellent. This was a lot of fun.

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Anne Markt
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I had never heard of this, and I'm astonished. It was one of THE best things I've seen in NYC, and I've been living here 6 years! I laughed and smiled nonstop for 90 minutes. The cast was incredibly multi-talented, and I loved it so much, I'm...continued

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Nadja Staven
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I saw Drink Shakespeare in May and loved it. I was excited to see it again and brought a friend. I wish I hadn’t. The current cast crossed the line and turned this into a trashy vulgar high theater performance

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Karen Hoenscheid
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I went with my college age daughter and we LOVED it!!! It was the perfect mix of high-brow, intelligent humor mixed with down and dirty raunchy humor. The lounge itself provided the perfect atmosphere for this kind of experience. Really...continued

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Janet Kronick
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Intimate and immersive semi improv Shakespearean comedy. A very witty and talented group of actors create fun and mayhem up close and personal making their small audiences roar for more. A departure from big Broadway shows..or any Shakespeare done...continued

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