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Ronald González
Review from Ronald González
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it was fun, very funny.
it was recommended by a friend and he was right it was very funny.
it needs more raunchy humor and nakedness.

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Cassidy Williams
Review from Cassidy Williams
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It was great. I've been to DS a few times now and always enjoy myself. Kind of wish they'd change it up (they seem to always do Macbeth, and the same actor seems to always get drunk), but for the first-timers, my friends and I enjoyed it.

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Review from Susie
8 events 1 review

It was so fun! I highly recommend it.

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Allen McRae
Review from Allen McRae
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It was super fun! A great, loose night out

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Review from Arianna
4 events 1 review

Just go - you'll love it!

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Review from Ryan
6 events 1 review

Laughed the entire show! Unpredictably unique experience in a neat intimate library setting. The five actors did a phenomenal job engaging the audience. I can't wait to return!

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Simon Shipway
Review from Simon Shipway
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Lots of fun and great intimate venue.

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Antony Watkins
Review from Antony Watkins
3 events 1 review

One of the most amazing evenings of pure fun I’ve ever had

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Michael Conway
Review from Michael Conway
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Phenomenal show! They did a great job engaging the entire audience and I loved all the up to date pop culture references they used to keep things interesting. I've already recommended the show to some friends and would attend again.

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Review from travel
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pretty ranchy

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Review from Ebmdoc
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Rapid pace and talented cast but I had trouble understanding a lot of the dialog and worried about the actor who seemed to be binge-drinking, something I don't find funny.

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Adar Schneider
Review from Adar Schneider
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Raunchy, silly, and generally a blast.

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Review from Medha
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Review from Krystinarenee7
6 events 1 review

So much fun and not a bad seat in the house!

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Aida Djokovic
Review from Aida Djokovic
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So much fun! Went with hubby and had a great time...laughed the whole time. Would definitely recommend going!

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Leonard McAnuff
Review from Leonard McAnuff
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Soo funny! Great location, great ensemble!

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Review from Molly
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Super funny!!!! Very good energy, brilliantly ridiculous, and an incredible modern adaptation of Shakespeare!

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Kimberly Molnar Robbins
Review from Kimberly Molnar Robbins
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The actors were so much fun. It's great for something different to do...interactive and drinking is encouraged....

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Tianlin Liu
Review from Tianlin Liu
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The beginning part was too dirty, even kind of vulgar. However, the atmosphere was good. Actors and audiences had a good interaction. They made a lot of change to the original play to make it hilarious, which is good, but maybe too much...continued

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Betty Platt
Review from Betty Platt
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the cast was awesome, especially Danielle.
the show moved so quickly it was hard to catch everything but it was so funny it didn't matter.

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