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Review from ArtF.
Red Velvet 127 events 91 reviews

Modern presentation of the person who more than a century ago created the stories I enjoyed as a child.Powerful and emotionally memorable. My first time at the Duke. It is now another reason I can't give up on NYC.

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Review from Joe
114 events 50 reviews


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Mariam Traore
Review from Mariam Traore
47 events 23 reviews

Poetic and delicate - an unusual engaging show mixing theatre, puppetry and concert. Nothing quite like this and perfect for those who like high concept shows

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pearl Hopf
Review from pearl Hopf
255 events 18 reviews

Slow pace

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Rolando Font
Review from Rolando Font
20 events 14 reviews


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Kathleen Carson-Asher
Review from Kathleen Carson-Asher
45 events 13 reviews

Very high level of acting and musical talent. Hans christian anderson's life story and how his stories are metaphors for periods/events in his life. He went from extreme poverty to internationally famous author in his lifetime. Pianists at two...continued

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Salvina L. Scerri
Review from Salvina L. Scerri
12 events 9 reviews

A bit hard to understand but well done. Great acting and singing.

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Rose-Alma Lamoureux
Review from Rose-Alma Lamoureux
18 events 4 reviews

Beautiful and poignant impressions from his life. The puppetry was stellar and enhanced the story. The acting and music were superb.

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Kumiko Katayama
Review from Kumiko Katayama
5 events 3 reviews

The effects were well composed and interesting. I loved the cozy atmosphere of the venue - all good seats!

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