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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 707 events 218 reviews

Powerful & moving play about a father who wants to stay home in his house and a concerned son who wants him in assisted living. We loved everything about this play which seemed very realistic and moving! After first going alone we went again with...continued

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Review from ArtF.
Red Velvet 130 events 92 reviews

Very serious subject handled with lots of humor and compassion. Excellent acting, writing and scenery. Presents the best side of American culture with a New England bent.

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T. Braddox
Review from T. Braddox
Red Velvet 108 events 31 reviews

Enjoyably funny and sad!!!

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Gail Bennington
Review from Gail Bennington
Red Velvet 4 events 1 review

A must see performance for anyone dealing with an aging parent. I saw Len Cariou in Sweeney Todd years ago and he just gets better with age.

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Shaoquan Lin
Review from Shaoquan Lin
215 events 119 reviews

Very moving show and great performance.

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music diva
Review from music diva
257 events 100 reviews

Great show.

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karen hartig
Review from karen hartig
214 events 75 reviews

good acting between the characters

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winston chow
Review from winston chow
78 events 45 reviews

The acting was good but the dialogue was weak.

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Terry W Harris
Review from Terry W Harris
83 events 26 reviews

Wonderful performances and a very touching play.

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Review from ROCKESTHER
37 events 19 reviews


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Review from Vogue
130 events 17 reviews

Two great actors and a wonderful play. I enjoyed it immensely.

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Review from Meme136
19 events 16 reviews

Great acting and storyline.. A topic that concerns us all and we age. Nice off Broadway theater. Small and intimate with comfortable seating, well spaced.

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Review from Shayana
39 events 16 reviews

The show was heartwarming and funny. My partner and I both enjoyed the show. Great acting by the two.

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Review from Marna
100 events 14 reviews

It was poignant without being sappy. The acting was super, especially Len Cariou at 84 years old. It was a serious topic that added some humor. I think that all theatergoers could identify with at least one of the characters.

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Review from Hondo3777
22 events 13 reviews

Great acting and pace was filled with quick wit and charm.

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Review from SidK
53 events 11 reviews

2 terrific actors in a funny, heart-warming play about getting older and elderly parent-middle-aged child relationships. Go and enjoy.

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Sandi Landau
Review from Sandi Landau
16 events 11 reviews

Thought this was nicely done being respectful of the seriousness of the subject while conveying with warmth the trying relationship between them. Very honest. Very thoughtful.

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Helen Yee
Review from Helen Yee
58 events 8 reviews

It was an enjoyable experience since I could identify with the senior father and his issues while my own son would identify with the character's son. It was not a super humorous play but we did laughed. The theatre was extremely cold since they...continued

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Review from Vj
27 events 8 reviews

Wonderful performances!

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Jeffrey Lambus
Review from Jeffrey Lambus
8 events 5 reviews

The play was so realistic in how hard it can be to make decisions for a parent who by all means is still independent yet needs assistance they don't agree with.

The actors, especially the father was awesome. I had amazing seats.

Thamks Goldstar

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