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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 693 events 217 reviews

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE, as always with the Harlem Repertory Theatre!! We sofar watched 5 of their shows, several of them more than once often taking guests the 2nd or 3rd time around, and loved them all!! Thanks very much to both Goldstar & The...continued

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Sherry Mohamed
Review from Sherry Mohamed
Red Velvet 74 events 25 reviews

I went with my group, Black Baby Boomers just want to have fun. Everybody loved it,

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Review from dancerzheart
Red Velvet 63 events 20 reviews

Sat front row center it is worth paying extra if you want the kids to have a blast)
Show is awesome definitely twinges of Hamilton in it because of course Lin Manuel wrote it being part Latin it gave my nephews another insight to their culture....continued

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Review from Ronald
Red Velvet 82 events 15 reviews

This was a very energetic and entertaining play, with some very good singers.

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Review from J.A.A.
Red Velvet 43 events 14 reviews

Because the location is within a school, the production had a bit of a High School musical feel, but it worked! The book and music are still fantastic and the actors did a fine job (though sometimes enunciating was a bit of an issue with the...continued

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Susan Duberstein
Review from Susan Duberstein
Red Velvet 46 events 14 reviews

This is The Little Show That Could. Harlem Repertory Theatre gets to the heart of Lin-Manuel Miranda's first Broadway hit and comes up with a community theater winner. The simplicity of the set and clever use of the space combine to create an...continued

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Melissa Underhill
Review from Melissa Underhill
Red Velvet 99 events 7 reviews

Amazing show! Talented cast. Must see.

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Marielle Lippai Lang
Review from Marielle Lippai Lang
Red Velvet 34 events 6 reviews

It is a shame that the musical was moved from the Apollo theater to the Harlem Repertory theater. It was one of the reasons I had booked it!
Great acting, the staging was not great!

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Review from Suavknight
Red Velvet 8 events 3 reviews

My guest and I totally enjoyed In The Heights. It was an amazing show and the whole cast wis wonderful. I have never been to this theater and never heard of it before. I've been to other events in the building but never here. After speaking to...continued

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Wilbert Pena
Review from Wilbert Pena
Red Velvet 6 events 1 review

Cast and venue was amazing, non stop fun and great seats. Will definitely go see it again.

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Mom Dukes
Review from Mom Dukes
118 events 104 reviews

It was nice however it was hard to hear some of the actors/actresses because of the big fans in the back...Some of the characters should have had mics hookup to them or spoke up a little louder. Otherwise, it was a good show.

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Priscilla Talbot
Review from Priscilla Talbot
108 events 74 reviews

sat in general seating up at top to avoid climbing so many stairs had a wonderful view of all the actors who really came into the audience more than they usually do

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77 events 32 reviews

It was a small town production with a big town talent.The actors were absolutely wonderful with loads of energy.The only thing that could have made it better is that all the seating should have had seat pads.Other than that,the production was...continued

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Rosa DuCree
Review from Rosa DuCree
36 events 26 reviews

Truly an enjoyable performance highlighting the Lattino culture of Washington Heights ,NYC...the music was outstandingly good ! Unique and with great actors ; each played their role well. There were Moments of tenderness, sadness and certainly...continued

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Lissette Vallejo
Review from Lissette Vallejo
61 events 25 reviews

Amazing show with super talented cast!! Highly Recommend.

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Review from TheatreAddict
338 events 21 reviews

It's nothing short of amazing what these guys do on a shoestring. I've seen several of their productions, and the quality of their singing, dancing and acting is amazing for such a small company. I'm waiting for some of their regulars to get their...continued

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Joan Adams
Review from Joan Adams
24 events 21 reviews

My friends and I all enjoyed the performance immensely. The cast members were talented and enthusiastic, and the minimal scenery and props were clevely created and employed.. The theater space was roomy and very comfortable, with no bad seats. I...continued

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Mariam Traore
Review from Mariam Traore
41 events 20 reviews

Extraordinary ! Wow. What a performance.

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Review from Joyo
35 events 20 reviews

The acting and singing was superb! Great performance by all actors!

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Review from ctwosee
59 events 20 reviews

Very nice venue and some excellent performances. Disappointed that the music was "canned" - posed some difficulties in hearing the cast.

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