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Brian Ponce
Review from Brian Ponce
Red Velvet 115 events 40 reviews

Great brunch.... Free champagne, better than decent buffet.... Amazing views and fun music.

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Review from Terri
42 events 21 reviews

Went with my husband and mom. Despite the drizzle in the morning, and while waiting' the experience was wonderful and the sun came out just before we got to the Statue of Liberty. The brunch was excellent,the staff delightful and the band was...continued

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Review from TapTapGal
87 events 18 reviews

What a wonderful experience. The ambiance, the ship, the food, the staff, the music, the crowd, the bottomless champagne/mimosas - everything was fantastic. My husband and I both had an amazing time, and will definitely purchase tickets for the...continued

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Review from IM2QT4U
43 events 10 reviews

The food, band, DJ, and service was outstanding. My only complaint it wasn't long enough.

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Barbara Rosa
Review from Barbara Rosa
10 events 8 reviews

The food and mimosas were delicious and plentiful. I loved my seating arrangement and view. The servers were young and friendly as well as professional. Finally, I loved the band and DJ. I will attend another brunch. My friend Sandy and me enjoyed...continued

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Review from nata
22 events 6 reviews

I bought this to celebrate my father's birthday, and thought it would be nice. In reality, it was great! The food, the jazz band, the view, the service. It was an experience to remember! Highly recommended.

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Ruth Kleinman
Review from Ruth Kleinman
6 events 6 reviews

the boat ride was great - the scenery, the service, the experience. the food was pretty good too (not gourmet but the pastries were particularly good!). overall, I really enjoyed it and will recommend it to friends as a fun and special way to...continued

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Review from netwings
11 events 5 reviews

food great, band great, scenic route great. some dancing and endless mymosas

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Helen Adorno
Review from Helen Adorno
17 events 4 reviews

We had a great time. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The jazz band played well known songs from the 60s 70s 80s 90s. food was good and unlimited momosas too. Loved it!

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Review from Shorty
5 events 4 reviews

WELL it was a perfect day to be on a boat. The boat itself was very nice and being with my BF always makes things fun. BUT (sorry there is but) upon arrival they couldn't figure out what seat to take us to so they left us standing there. Finally...continued

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MarkAnthony White
Review from MarkAnthony White
8 events 3 reviews

Amazing!! The servers come around every couple minutes filling up your glasses and take your empty plates away. Jazz band was great, four level yacht. Very ostentatious display. Definitely do this for a birthday gift or date or friendly get...continued

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Jeffrey Clouser
Review from Jeffrey Clouser
3 events 3 reviews

I didn't know what to expect, but the food was great, the jazz band was fantastic and tour of the harbour was excellent.

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Claudia Betancourt
Review from Claudia Betancourt
7 events 3 reviews

I took my mom for her birthday, the buffet was delicious, the staff was super friendly, the view was amazing! We had such a wonderful time! We will definitely do it again!

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Review from Amanda
7 events 3 reviews

Was a great experience! Our waiter went above and beyond, was very tentative, and kept us laughing. The food was great, with a wide selection. The jazz music was awesome! They were amazing. I would definitely go to another one of these.

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Cheryl Waters
Review from Cheryl Waters
8 events 2 reviews

Great music food and beautiful New York back drop!!!

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Kathya O
Review from Kathya O
10 events 2 reviews

Totally worth it!!

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Laura Tanskanen
Review from Laura Tanskanen
1 event 1 review

A nice way to spend a sunday afternoon. Good food, good service, good music and great sights!

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Megan Gorsky
Review from Megan Gorsky
2 events 1 review

Absolutely amazing! The staff was friendly and energetic, food was delicious, better than I expected. the views were beautiful. The live jazz band and DJ were very personable and the music was great. They made sure to go to each table to find out...continued

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Review from Valentine
7 events 1 review
Review from pwattel
4 events 1 review

Andrew was absolutely fantastic. He got us a wonderful table and roses too.
I had proposed New Years Eve in Times Squareand wanted to end our trip with something special. My fiancée "Bryn" and I took the Sunday Brunch cruise.......nothing short...continued

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