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Rose Tesauro-Francis
Review from Rose Tesauro-Francis
Red Velvet 45 events 12 reviews
Christine Staltare D'Antonio
Review from Christine Staltare D'Antonio
Red Velvet 20 events 3 reviews

It was spectacular ! The special effects were stupendous

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Review from Charles
Red Velvet 4 events 2 reviews

Omg words can’t describe this show!!! It’s a grand spectacle like no other!!! The acting is absolutely superb as well as the set designs!!! Run don’t walk to see this once in a lifetime show u won’t be disappointed!!!

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Review from Prof
142 events 71 reviews

Great puppetry, ear piercing roars, and human movements. Also fantastic singing voices, choreography, sets, lighting, and effects. See it!

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Harvey Messing
Review from Harvey Messing
31 events 18 reviews

The highlights were, for me, the sets, staging, and maneuvering, by ten people, of King Kong to make him look real. I did not like the voice of the female lead actress (who did most of the singing) nor the voices of any of the singer's voices.

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Review from nicole
34 events 15 reviews

the seats were great. king kong was so real i forgot it was a puppet. everyone on stage was great.

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Rolando Font
Review from Rolando Font
22 events 14 reviews


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Carolyn Soos Kolesar
Review from Carolyn Soos Kolesar
17 events 13 reviews

The play was outstanding from the casting, acting, singing and special effects!! Theatre seats were comfortable. I would recommend this play to most everyone.

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Cortney Thomas
Review from Cortney Thomas
13 events 11 reviews

It is definitely an "EXPERIENCE". The choreography was very good. The performers were energetic and lively. The set was awesome, it really gave you the jungle vibe. The only drawback was the smoke scenes. We were sitting in the first row and...continued

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Review from Steph
34 events 11 reviews

We were so impressed. The movie's a classic but so much of it's embarrassingly dated. The creators have reworked the material but preserved the spirit/sympathy of the movie. Was unsure about seeing a show that relied so much on the performance of...continued

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Review from bargainbliss
32 events 7 reviews

Loved it and was glad that I got to see it before it was cancelled. The stage and special effect including King Kong were all amazing. With it would go on for more to enjoy.

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Review from jerseywoman
26 events 7 reviews

Tickets were ready to pickup early enough to get a nice lunch prior to the show, and we got aisle seats, which is always preferable! The best part was a chance to see The KING KONG last performance, everyone put their heart and soul into it and...continued

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Goldielocks Marie
Review from Goldielocks Marie
19 events 6 reviews


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Goldielocks Marie
Review from Goldielocks Marie
19 events 6 reviews

Loved this...now one of my fav along with Lion King, Wicked, Lady Day and Come Far Away

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Ruth Valentin
Review from Ruth Valentin
14 events 6 reviews

Worst time ever from the moment we got on the line the security treated us like criminals and my husbands a NYC DECTECTIVE!!!! It was so hot in the theater that it was making us sleepy . The Asher was just leaning against the rail and when we...continued

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Shaun Hemphill
Review from Shaun Hemphill
6 events 5 reviews

2nd row seats! Exhilarating show with a phenomenal female lead.

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Review from junior196
4 events 4 reviews

GREAT SEAT!!!!!!!!!! FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!

Very talented actors on stage and the main actress Christiani Pitts (Ann Darrow) was a joy to hear singing, dancing and acting......... Please see this show before it closes..........

Thank you Goldstar

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Review from Liz
18 events 4 reviews

It was great!! The special effects were amazing!!

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Eric Stout
Review from Eric Stout
11 events 4 reviews

The king kong puppet is incredible, but the story makes zero sense and the music is terrible.

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Hap Pardo
Review from Hap Pardo
8 events 3 reviews

Amazing! Really cool show highly recommend!!

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