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Christine Staltare D'Antonio
Review from Christine Staltare D'Antonio
Red Velvet 18 events 3 reviews

It was spectacular ! The special effects were stupendous

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Review from nicole
30 events 13 reviews

the seats were great. king kong was so real i forgot it was a puppet. everyone on stage was great.

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Rose Tesauro-Francis
Review from Rose Tesauro-Francis
42 events 12 reviews
Cortney Thomas
Review from Cortney Thomas
13 events 11 reviews

It is definitely an "EXPERIENCE". The choreography was very good. The performers were energetic and lively. The set was awesome, it really gave you the jungle vibe. The only drawback was the smoke scenes. We were sitting in the first row and...continued

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Review from Steph
30 events 10 reviews

We were so impressed. The movie's a classic but so much of it's embarrassingly dated. The creators have reworked the material but preserved the spirit/sympathy of the movie. Was unsure about seeing a show that relied so much on the performance of...continued

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Review from Liz
16 events 4 reviews

It was great!! The special effects were amazing!!

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Susie Steiger Abrams
Review from Susie Steiger Abrams
17 events 3 reviews

King Kong was a very good play. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect as a musical but the play was better than I thought. Seats are very tight and very little leg room.

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Eliett Giron
Review from Eliett Giron
4 events 3 reviews

The handling of the beasts was most impressive to me.

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Hap Pardo
Review from Hap Pardo
7 events 2 reviews

Amazing! Really cool show highly recommend!!

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Ingrid Gallardo
Review from Ingrid Gallardo
40 events 2 reviews

I liked my seat. I was ok with the price. But another venue pbp had it for only $45 fixed price. Another thing was, the roar of King Kong was too loud. But over all, it was a great show. Loved it very much ❤️

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Audie Brunson
Review from Audie Brunson
12 events 2 reviews

Loved it...

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Christine Tinerino
Review from Christine Tinerino
1 event 1 review

Amazing show

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Kimya Li
Review from Kimya Li
16 events 1 review

Amazing!!! Loved every minute!!!

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Shannon Grant
Review from Shannon Grant
4 events 1 review

Great show! The dancing was incredible, and Kong puppetry was outstanding.

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Sunita Gadtaula
Review from Sunita Gadtaula
5 events 1 review

Great theatrical experience ?

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Review from Tirolesa
6 events 1 review

It was a blast. King Kong was applauded over and over again. Loved him when I was a child and his memory is even better now. Thanks It was fantastic. Joan O'Grady

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Schoni Song
Review from Schoni Song
2 events 1 review
Eric Stout
Review from Eric Stout
3 events 1 review

The king kong puppet is incredible, but the story makes zero sense and the music is terrible.

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Shareema Granville
Review from Shareema Granville
4 events 1 review

The show got boring after a while and many people were falling asleep including me. The parts that were entertaining were entertaining and had you looking for more. The seats were uncomfortable and not high enough to see over other theater goers...continued

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Indira Alicano
Review from Indira Alicano
1 event 1 review

The show was spectacular! The gorilla was awesome and is realistic. The special effects added a sense of reality to the entire show. Definitely worth going to see it.

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