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Lady G
Review from Lady G
24 events 3 reviews

The sets were awesome The orchestra superb. The performance outstanding

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Robert Ferguson
Review from Robert Ferguson
2 events 2 reviews

A wonderful experience; beautiful music in a magnificent setting.

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Christina Joubert
Review from Christina Joubert
2 events 2 reviews

Amazing performance... and the free champagne didn't hurt!

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Maurizio Bonacini
Review from Maurizio Bonacini
2 events 2 reviews

Great seats and nice glass of white wine

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Eric Burrell
Review from Eric Burrell
3 events 2 reviews

Great show for our first experience at the Opera. We thoroughly enjoyed the venue and the show.

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Donna Rochelle
Review from Donna Rochelle
20 events 2 reviews

I was surprised at the great location of the seats. Good seats and good performance.
Will definitely use Goldstar again.

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Review from Danielledenyce
18 events 2 reviews

Loved it! The production was excellent and the music magical. The singing was gorgeous. The second intermission is definitely not necessary (made the evening longer than need be). A great evening.

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Review from Avias
11 events 2 reviews

The Opera was great. The sets are beautiful and the singing is extraordinarily.
The changing of sets, especially between the 3rd act and the 4th one is very long and ruin the flow of the show.

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Anthony Del Col
Review from Anthony Del Col
9 events 2 reviews

What can you say? It's opera at The Met. One of the best in the world.

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Marie Cafiero Roman
Review from Marie Cafiero Roman
1 event 1 review

Absolutely stunning show! Brilliant performances! The champagne was a welcome touch during intermission.

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susan park
Review from susan park
12 events 1 review

All my friends loved it!!!!

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Nicole Harris
Review from Nicole Harris
5 events 1 review

Beautiful venue, incredible performance, who doesn't love opera at the Met!

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Review from davidmaas
5 events 1 review

Beautiful show. Orchestra and cast were top rate. Stage sets were bigger and better than anything I have seen on Broadway. In the 2nd act I think they had a chorus of 100+ people on the stage. Really enjoyed the show even more with...continued

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Lisa Rosenbaum
Review from Lisa Rosenbaum
3 events 1 review

Difficult following the story

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Bonnie Allinson Tchapraste
Review from Bonnie Allinson Tchapraste
8 events 1 review

It was remarkable simply beautiful

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Elaine Stefanelli
Review from Elaine Stefanelli
5 events 1 review

Loved it ! The seats were good but far from great ! It would have been better to be closer to the stage to see the actors clearly .

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Robert Abruzzo
Review from Robert Abruzzo
1 event 1 review

Memorable Moving Experience!!! If you haven’t been to the opera yet....I suggest you start Here!!! Incredible Time!!!

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Sandi Lippel
Review from Sandi Lippel
3 events 1 review

My first time at the opera was wonderful! Next time I’ll sit in a lower/closer seat.

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Lisa Maldonado
Review from Lisa Maldonado
17 events 1 review

Was sick with flu/cough, not able to attend opera yesterday. Contacted your excellent customer service department and asked for a replacement ticket. Waiting for response. I hope the Met will honor my request. Thanks for your assistance.

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Doris Caravaglia
Review from Doris Caravaglia
3 events 1 review

Wonderful evening! Music glorious!!!

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