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Beth Stein
Review from Beth Stein
Red Velvet 69 events 30 reviews

Interesting play about life and expectations. Talented actors who engage with the audienceat various points in the show. Was not bored. Would recommend.

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Deena Evergreen
Review from Deena Evergreen
88 events 50 reviews

It was fun, and touching. The time went fast. Our seats were great.

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winston chow
Review from winston chow
74 events 42 reviews

Like the theater. the play was enjoyable.

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Florence Arnow
Review from Florence Arnow
86 events 35 reviews

Somehow it was better as it went along.Each actor put their all into it and the message of life was very relatable! It was meant for me to see this play.See for yourselves.

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Peter Simonetti
Review from Peter Simonetti
50 events 23 reviews

The cast was AMAZING. I asked if I could bring my soda into the theatre and was told yes. So I ordered a $4 coke only to be told it now cost $8 since a plastic lid had to be put on it. Of course I wasn't told this until after the lid went on...continued

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Mariam Traore
Review from Mariam Traore
47 events 23 reviews

Wow wow wow
This was hilarious and profound and beautiful all at once.
extraordinary actors. Can’t recommend highly enough !

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Review from Smc
29 events 10 reviews

My second time seeing it...first at the Wild Project off-off B'way and now at its new home off B'way at Theater Row. It deserves its success. Terrific theater on every level. HIGHLY recommended.

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Review from acasley
21 events 6 reviews

Thought provoking!
Highly recommended to my friends.

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Hyacinth Shaw-Kelly
Review from Hyacinth Shaw-Kelly
23 events 5 reviews

It was just ok. Kinda fell asleep during the performance. Thought it would have been more entertaining

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Susan Coyne
Review from Susan Coyne
9 events 4 reviews

I actually liked the play more than I expected.....reimagined and modernized, it worked! However, did they really have to overuse the ‘F ‘ bomb as much as they did? All the anger, disappointment, regret, and sadness would have still been...continued

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Diane Sikorski
Review from Diane Sikorski
5 events 4 reviews

I laughed, I cried, I loved it so much I saw it twice.

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Parrick Sanon
Review from Parrick Sanon
9 events 4 reviews

This play was really funny, thought -provoking and engaging. The characters have so many complexes that it just tickles one funny bone. Watching this play definitely raised my vocabulary base. I truly recommend it, but not for those with...continued

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Rick Sayers
Review from Rick Sayers
8 events 3 reviews

Like the title this play sucks!

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Review from steelpillow
8 events 1 review

Cleverly crafted, often hysterical, wonderfully performed, modernized take on Uncle Vanya. A fun, thought provoking night at the theater.

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Conrad Osborne
Review from Conrad Osborne
1 event 1 review

Very amusing & inventive, well acted and directed. Only drawback: the final 10 minutes.

Conrad L. Osborne

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