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Review from Antoinette
Red Velvet 69 events 26 reviews

This was not my first visit to Madame Tussaud's. This time, they had new figures that I hadn't seen before. I appreciate the autonomy that visitors are allowed when touring and taking pics of the figures. At times, it seemed to be a bit...continued

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Pete K
Review from Pete K
Red Velvet 45 events 19 reviews

Unexpected surprise. I had been to the one in London long ago. The one in NYC has a great 4 D show, lots of semi-interactive photo shots (sit in the "Oval office" and get your picture sitting at Obama's desk with him in the background or photo...continued

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Review from CityGirl
Red Velvet 77 events 16 reviews

3rd time here- 1st time with family, 2nd time with friend, this time a great date experience. Life like mannequins with information about the creation process, historical figures with interesting synopsis', good 4D film. Better than a cinema...continued

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Asia Evans
Review from Asia Evans
Red Velvet 51 events 16 reviews

Fun times posing with the wax figurines of your favorite celebs! There are 4 (or 5) floors with various themes. Not as crowded as I expected so that was a pleasant surprise.

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Review from CityGirl
Red Velvet 77 events 16 reviews

Great 4D experience (short film) and lifelike wax figures. I got a good deal but full price is too high, paying for location (Times Square.) I went to the one in DC about two years ago and that was well worth the cost, much more affordable at full...continued

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G Turim
Review from G Turim
Red Velvet 15 events 6 reviews

I was surprised at how truly lifelike most of the figures were, and if you go expecting just to have fun, and not a mindblowing experience, you won't be disappointed. There were NO crowds when we visited (a January Wednesday afternoon) which made...continued

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Jackie Schulz
Review from Jackie Schulz
Red Velvet 48 events 4 reviews

I took my boyfriend as part of his birthday celebration, needless to say he loved it! The 4D movie was cute but too short. We still enjoyed it.

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Review from Jbanchon
Red Velvet 7 events 2 reviews

I loved every minute of it!!

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Tony de Maria
Review from Tony de Maria
103 events 57 reviews

a must see

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Review from Hunkress
65 events 55 reviews

I enjoyed the different levels and seeing how closely the statuary resembled the people or not

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Review from Hugh Donohue
92 events 40 reviews

A lot of fun the movie was the best. 9 fl. A lot of walking.

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Thomasine Morales
Review from Thomasine Morales
46 events 37 reviews

I go every year , I love it

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Thomasine Morales
Review from Thomasine Morales
46 events 37 reviews

We go to this every couple of months because they change up sometimes and we love it, they are so real looking and we have a great time and take lots of pictures...

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Stella Ansalone
Review from Stella Ansalone
73 events 25 reviews

I think it was so cool that these wax figures look so real. Anyone can enjoy this event. You can take pictues with the figures. They always change the celebrities so from time to time one can go back to see different people.

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Shenika Sharpe
Review from Shenika Sharpe
41 events 25 reviews

Used these passes for date nite with my boyfriend we had a ball. The wax figures looked so real. The museum staff were helpful, friendly and professional the made the experience enjoyable. I can't wait to visit the one in both DC and Los Vegas.

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Antonio F.
Review from Antonio F.
46 events 23 reviews

it was a wax museum. Some of the figures were very realistic some there heights were off. IE, Hillary Clinton is short in real life, like 5'3'' tops the wax version she was like 5'5'' or 5'6'' which was kind of weird.

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Joann Detelj
Review from Joann Detelj
24 events 20 reviews

Make sure you brng a printed reciept. As soon as I went to the counter, the cashier had an attitude. I told her I had a reservation through oldstar, and showed her my blackberry with the email. She proceeded to give me an atttude and started...continued

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Review from Sensational
31 events 19 reviews

Great place...some of the wax firgures arent exact match..some are on point..but was still a great experience. the kids esp enjoyed the 4D movie of sponge bob

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Catharina V.
Review from Catharina V.
23 events 17 reviews

I thought the museum was laid out well. I liked the way they had certain people grouped together.

I would defiinitely go with another person so you could take some fun shots with the mannequins.

I definitely enjoyed the 4D movie.

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Susan Brillhart
Review from Susan Brillhart
26 events 17 reviews

Soooo worth it! At a discount, this is an amazing place. Have fun, and take lots of pictures!!

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