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Susan Nussbaum Cohen
Review from Susan Nussbaum Cohen
Red Velvet 23 events 2 reviews

I’m sorry to say, but it was awful. The young man couldn’t sing a note. It was painful to listen. The woman had a good voice, but in an awful play. Horrible

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Basil Chapman
Review from Basil Chapman
92 events 20 reviews

The young lady in the play had a very lovely voice.

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michele grant
Review from michele grant
44 events 14 reviews

No problem getting tickets Goldstar rocks!

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Review from alanS
22 events 11 reviews

We kept looking at each other wondering, what were they thinking.
Forgettable songs, muddled plot, mediocre performances.
Luckily the “show” was only 70 min. Long.

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Juliana V. Atinaja
Review from Juliana V. Atinaja
15 events 3 reviews

She is an excellent singer and actress but I didn't care for the plot.

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