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Stephanie Petrillo
Review from Stephanie Petrillo
83 events 5 reviews

This was the 3rd of 4th MMF event I attended with Goldstar this year - a fabulous event at great prices. Can't beat the convenience and the price point makes more events available! This was a lovely concert but interestingly enough, for me, the...continued

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Review from Robert
7 events 4 reviews

Easy ordering, easy Will Call to pick up tickets, great seats, amazing concert!

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Cassondra Joseph
Review from Cassondra Joseph
13 events 4 reviews

Excellent performances. Evening was just wonderful!!

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Alyssa A Lappen
Review from Alyssa A Lappen
9 events 4 reviews

Magnificent from the first note to the last.

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Review from anthony
22 events 4 reviews

These musicians are, of course, the best of the best and the program was excellent. Alice Tully Hall is a most comfortable theatre with great acoustics and ample legroom.

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Review from Steve
6 events 4 reviews

Wonderful concert, brilliant performance of the Mozart piano concerto. Orchestra seats were excellent, a great value!

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Eugene Henkin
Review from Eugene Henkin
28 events 3 reviews

"Mostly Mozart Festival" should have very very little of modern music. This was mostly modern music and very very little of Mozart.

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Review from Sarah
30 events 3 reviews

As a jazz-er, I have grown (up) to include classical music as one of my loves. Mostly Mozart in the middle of the summer is wonderful. And the way the hall is arranged 'in the round' works really well.

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John Farina
Review from John Farina
9 events 3 reviews

Beautiful summer night, splendid performance and very decent seats. A winner!

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Review from v
15 events 3 reviews

Brilliant performance. So glad Goldstar made it possible to attend. Great seats too, close centre could really watch Langree conduct. Thank you Goldstar!!

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Review from Tim
14 events 3 reviews

Every aspect of the show was a delight. So much talent. The LC staff was thoughtful, helpful and kind. The patrons were well dressed, knowledgeable and all seemed very happy to be there.

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Review from camille
5 events 3 reviews

Excellent evening. Next year again. Maybe even this year.
Ate in the restaurant in David Geffen
was very good.

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Review from golden
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Helaine Winograd
Review from Helaine Winograd
9 events 3 reviews

I went to will call a little after 6pm. The short line moved quickly. Got my tickets, waited for my friend and then went to a piano recital which was a free extra. I really enjoyed it. Grabbed a quick snack and sparkling wine before main...continued

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Review from jany
6 events 3 reviews

It was a great experience. Great seats and awesome concert !!!

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Review from lwbaruch
8 events 3 reviews

Just terrific with GREAT seats....totally lovely even

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Andrew Satlin
Review from Andrew Satlin
6 events 3 reviews

Martin Helmchen was unbelievable!

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John Chan
Review from John Chan
46 events 3 reviews

Performance was remarkable as the children's chorus displayed phenomenal poise and vocal skills. My tickets were great. Good location, Goldstar.

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Eugene Henkin
Review from Eugene Henkin
28 events 3 reviews

Really would prefer to keep classical pieces separate from modern pieces. In this performance modern pieces were infused with Bartok and Vivaldi. After awhile lost track which is which and did not like it one bit.

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Joyce Dutka
Review from Joyce Dutka
10 events 3 reviews

Seats were wonderful. Happy to see the Brass section on risers and wind instruments also. I like to follow the different parts and these seats per perfect. First time I saw this dynamic conductor. Enjoyed the varied program. Thank you for...continued

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