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Janet Damon-Atlas
Review from Janet Damon-Atlas
16 events 3 reviews

The concert was just wonderful. Joshua Bell was exceptional and the orchestra and conductor were as well. It was a glorious evening. Thank you.

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Review from Annette
9 events 3 reviews

The musicians were extraordinary. Their masterful performance of Beethoven's 4th piano concerto moved me to tears. Literally.

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Ruth Furst
Review from Ruth Furst
11 events 3 reviews

The program was fabulous Was really special

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Review from Tim
14 events 3 reviews

There’s not a bad seat in David Geffen Hall to begin with but we were very pleased with the 2 seats Goldstar provided in the 20th row dead center.
At a substantial discount.

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Fern Eagle
Review from Fern Eagle
5 events 3 reviews

Was pleasantly surprised to see information about a “pre-show” which was a half-hour bonus (delightful! Despite the performer being a last-minute substitute).

The highlight of the main show was a piano concerto - the performer was just amazing....continued

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Ruth Furst
Review from Ruth Furst
11 events 3 reviews

wonderful program and great seats in the orchestra

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Review from Sarah
8 events 2 reviews

Absolutely wonderful! Loved the recital before the performance too and was very surprised at how few people attended it. The performance was packed though and was fantastic.

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Doug Schwab
Review from Doug Schwab
7 events 2 reviews

Beautiful night of classic Mozart!

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Review from Zalaznick
10 events 2 reviews

Concert was wonderful.

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May Jiang
Review from May Jiang
46 events 2 reviews

Didn’t like the folk music in the performance

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Joseph LoGrippo
Review from Joseph LoGrippo
3 events 2 reviews

Everyone was at the top of their game. That Beethoven was a pretty good composer.

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Yuko Shimizu
Review from Yuko Shimizu
22 events 2 reviews

Excellent performance. The pianist was unbelievable. And the conductor was energetic and fun to watch.

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Matthew Di Paoli
Review from Matthew Di Paoli
11 events 2 reviews

Fantastic and beautiful. Mastery at the piano.

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Alex Elec
Review from Alex Elec
23 events 2 reviews

Great music and seats were excellent.

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Paul K Feldman
Review from Paul K Feldman
4 events 2 reviews

Great performance! Let's see more classical music offerings, Goldstar.

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Willa Lewis
Review from Willa Lewis
7 events 2 reviews

Great seats at a great price, and the music was terrific (or course). Lively conductor and soloist. But I wish the rest of the orchestra would crack a smile after the performance!

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Janine Schindler
Review from Janine Schindler
18 events 2 reviews

Great seats, wonderful performance, easy to pick-up the tickets,

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Mayya Lamaskaya
Review from Mayya Lamaskaya
7 events 2 reviews

I liked music and public. It feels good

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Marina Paskar
Review from Marina Paskar
7 events 2 reviews


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Review from Gail
7 events 2 reviews

It was truly a splendiferous Mozart concert. Conductor Louis has total mastery and control of orchestral nuances as he danced through Mozart phrases, perfectly balancing the orchestra, allowing lines to be passed and heard. Great orchestral...continued

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