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rita caloway
Review from rita caloway
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I thought I got there in time for the free piano concert, prior to the main event. Not so! They would not let me in and I had to settle for listening to it in the hall.
This detracted from an otherwise pleasant experience.

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Review from Brigitte
3 events 1 review

In my opinion Mostly Mozart Festival should have 2 pieces of music by Mozart and not just one. After all, it is Mostly Mozart, or not???

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Marianne Als
Review from Marianne Als
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Mostly Mozart is the best deal in town - fabulous music, fabulous energy, innovative approaches to cherished works. I listened to Mozart's unfinished choral works, the Mass in C Minor and the Requiem. Included with the tickets was a 45-minute...continued

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Review from inna
5 events 1 review

One of the best concerts ever. Orchestra was superb. Wonderful program. And a few nice surprises

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Review from sjacobny
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The concert would have been great if a woman had not brought her young child. He should have been in a child friendly venue not a concert where he disturbed everyone around him. Not his fault. Blame the mom who didn't get it.

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Lee Wiggins
Review from Lee Wiggins
10 events 1 review

The concert was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire program and the pianist was superb.

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Sandra Moss
Review from Sandra Moss
3 events 1 review

The program was beautiful. The performances flawless. It's a big treat to go to Lincoln Center. Our seats were perfect.

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Laureen Nowakowski
Review from Laureen Nowakowski
1 event 1 review

The seats were fabulous and so was the music.

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Review from Mteach
3 events 1 review

The seats were a bit off to the side, but still very good. The performances were top notch and the audience very appreciative. The program was a little under 2 hours and so was not tiring. Lovely!

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Review from Jesse
7 events 1 review

This particular symphony was very modern and not what I expected. Four men played wine bottles with a small stick! Yes, accompanied by the whole orchestra. Then they clapped - no orchestra. The rest of the concert was more classical.

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Iris Lipner
Review from Iris Lipner
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This was an exceptional concert with Scandinavian soloists who were wonderful musicians. They improvised within the structure of the classical Vivaldi Four Seasons which made this both interesting and original.

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Marilyn Levy
Review from Marilyn Levy
3 events 1 review

This was my first time attending a performance of Mostly Mozart. Our seats were excellent and the performance was over the top. I would attend another concert in the future. Goldstar made it so convenient and helped me save money at the same time!

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Elizabeth Pearl
Review from Elizabeth Pearl
7 events 1 review

We had excellent seats. The concert was wonderful. The ease of picking up the tickets at the venue was an added bonus. Recommend for everyone who can go .

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Review from Eanton
9 events 1 review

What a fantastic experience!

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Amy Bikoff
Review from Amy Bikoff
3 events 1 review

When I purchased the 2 Mostly Mozart tickets online, the only info I was able to read about it was that it was a Haydn concert. I was not given any details of the concert pieces, so I was very surprised to find out once I was at the concert that...continued

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Richard Manberg
Review from Richard Manberg
5 events 1 review

Wonderful orchestra presentation . Jon Vogt was superb in Beethoven's 4th Piano Concerto. Truly enjoyed the program

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Mag Eaton
Review from Mag Eaton
5 events 1 review

Wonderful night.......

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Review from Ariel
6 events 1 review

Wonderful center seat! Amazing experience!

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Russell Sackowitz
Review from Russell Sackowitz
1 event 1 review

Zehetmair was terrific and their seemed a special bond between soloist, conductor and orchestra. Very enjoyable.

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